Lagos Fashion and Design Week 2013

It is somewhat lucky that I was able to secure a press pass to the Lagos Fashion and Design Week 2013, especially as I'm not a fashion blogger, but I've got the pass, and now I will do my job, cover. I'll be bringing you everything there is to know about the event, including backstage, runway, and behind the scenes shots.

This morning I went to the venue (Eko Hotel's Ocean View) to see how they were getting on. The schedule indicates that from today, the 23rd of October, until the 26th of October, the shows will start at 5pm. This is unlikely. But I'm not surprised because this is Nigeria, we are very rarely ever on time for anything. They weren't at all ready. The exhibitions of the young fashion designers that are meant to hold between 10am and 5pm didn't hold today. At least they hadn't started by two pm. We'll see if they get round to it tomorrow. The runway also hadn't been fully built. All of this is good because I got to take shots of the construction process. I fear that the bulk of us do not appreciate the work that goes into an event like this, so I was delighted to shed some insight. (The entire place is built from scratch!!)

That's a piece of the runway that he's carrying on his head. 

That's the red carpet. I like the facial expression of the guy on the right. He looks so pissed off. I wouldn't blame him. It was scorching

He isn't a happy camper! I do quite like his trousers though. 

That's a piece of the runway being put in place. I don't know who the men in white are but we'll find out soon enough. 

Maybelline is the make up sponsor of the event. They had their representatives/staff wear this pretty cool t shirt. 

There's some board where I think people get to paint why they design. 
The designers showing today (Day 1) are:
Samson Shoboye
Ella and Gabby
Busola Bamisele
Wana Sambo
Wisdom Franklin
Alter Ego
Valerie David
Kola Kuddus
Sunny Rose
Christie Brown

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