Lagos Fashion and Design Week 2013: Samson Shoboye (Review)

I was standing in the pit, the place where photographers stand and sit at the foot of the runway when this show began. It was a quiet beginning. Not up to half the seats were filled, but I do not think this mattered. Fashion Week is primarily for the press. You do not need to attend. We bring everything that happens there to your doorstep.

There appears to be a little bit of an error on the official Lagos Fashion Week site, from which these pictures were filched. You see, I do not recall Samson Shoboye showing the four pieces below, but I was fiddling with my camera at the time, so it may be possible that I missed them. If he did then the following paragraph applies.

The Samson Shoboye show was a little confused. There was a collection, but the effect of it was diluted with pieces so boring and mundane, that it is a wonder that he thought them worthy of display. He began his show with black t shirts, and blue jeans that would have been more suited to a department store, or a market stall.

I quite liked the t-shirt on the right, but I already have one like it from topman.

These male models were followed by two female models.

The look on the left is more successful than the one on the left. I like the beaded details on the collar and sleeves, and the sheer hemline. While it is undoubtedly well executed, it is hardly original. The look on the right is a little tragic. I think the shawl would have been better left back stage. But then again, it was necessary to make the affair a little less dull. The t-shirt itself is a rather nice one. It's probably a less expensive version of the popular Givenchy rottweiler tshirt. 

If he didn't then disregard the above and move on to the rest.

Samson Shoboye displayed his masterful use of prints, to great effect. Still there were some stand outs. His print sweatshirts were simultaneously interesting and wearable, and when the prints on his trousers weren't banal, they were quite refreshing. 

His show was a mixture of the good, the mediocre, the terrible and the bizarre. 

I did adore two of his looks though.

The mix of prints here is incredible. And what's more? It works. 

Any way you look at it, it's a brilliant blazer. The waist coat fits impeccably too. 

Happy Days,

You can judge the rest of them yourself below. 

 Photo Credits: Kola Oshalusi (Insigna)

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Anonymous said...

The four pictures above aint samson soboye's collection.
Those are pictures of models during rehearsals wearing their own clothes.

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