Lagos Fashion and Design Week day 2 (Behind the scenes/ Back Stage)

As per usual I made my way back stage earlier this afternoon. Last night was fun even though I was surrounded by photographers who all smelled worse than I did. I'm looking forward to tonight. Fashion people are just so interesting. I do not think I've ever been around so many crazy people. I liked it, but I think the principles of diminishing marginal utility may set in (I may get sick of it... I can't say really)
I took a photo of the man taking a photo. How cool is that. 

That's Toyin. He's a pretty cool guy and model. He's very good. I'm going to do a piece on the top models at Lagos fashion week. WHOOP! FUN TIMES!  I'm psyching myself up for more work.

Models do a lot of waiting around while looking pretty. Look at how long that one is!!! She's also a master of the pose non pose. I saw her move ever so slightly when she saw me taking the picture

Anyway you look at it she's stunning. There's so much beauty in the world. 

She was a little worse for wear. It's lucky that Lola, one of the Maybelline girls was there to patch her up. 


bored and pissed off. 

He was trying that horsetail and leather groin cover on. 

Models get hungry too. 

I was lucky to see the Maki-Oh fitting. Uju's the tall one at the very end. She's the Nigerian Naomi Campbell. I'm not kidding, she's tall and tan and young and lovely.
It was here that I realised that I'd better get used to nudity. There's a lot of it at these things, and the models really don't give a damn about it. I think this is the closest I've ever come to putting a naked girl on my blog. You don't know which one she is? Look closely. 
Happy Days,

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