Lagos Fashion and Design Week problems (Samson Shoboye)

Some things make me wonder if Lagos is ready for all of this. Earlier today, I posted a review of the Samson Shoboye show ( The black tees and the womenswear were included on the Lagos Fashion Week's website as part of his collection, but that struck me as odd. It isn't something that I think any designer would do.

Why would a designer show a Givenchy knock off? 

I just found out that it is likely that these four shots that have been reported as being part of Samson Shoboye's collection were from the runway trial session. It's a tiny error but the repercussions of it are immense. Everyone that reports about the Samson Shoboye collection will add these four pictures to it and anyway you look at it, that's not very good. It isn't good enough. They should do better. We should expect better. 

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