Lagos Fashion Week 2013: Fashion Week Rage (Don't be an instabitch)

Yes, fashion week's been lovely, and amazing and brilliant and spectacular. Those are the things that everyone says, at every fashion week everywhere in the bloody world. It's, "Oh my God! That was such a big fashion moment!" and, "that thing, that that designer did, with that fabric, transcendental." And that's great it really is. There's something about fashion week that makes everyone turn into enigiser bunnies of optimism and praise. However, I'm not like everyone. I get mad. I get fashion week rage. That's what I'm calling it. It's like road rage but not. And it isn't about the clothes on display. Why would those make me mad? If the show's bad, I'm more amused than annoyed. It's really about one tiny thing that some people did.

You cannot come and stand in front of the photographers with your damn IPAD just because you want to put some shots on your instagram. Think about it. You've come from your day job where you earn a couple of thousand pounds a year. It's a sure thing. Whether you get any work done or not, for the duration of time that you're employed at that bank or consultancy firm or school, you're getting a fixed salary at the end of the month. A photographer's life on the other hand is purely performance based. If he doesn't get his shot, he doesn't eat. So how can an actual human being stand in front of the photography pit with an IPAD in the name of INSTAGRAM. What an instabitch!! 

This one killed me. She stood with us for a good 30 minutes with that infernal thing in hand. All the while I was thinking, "WHAT ARE YOU DOING? YOU COULDN'T EVEN TRY AND BRING A COMPACT CAMERA, YOU BROUGHT A BLOODY IPAD."Is she not an enemy of progress? We aren't the photography club at school. We're not fucking around. We're talking about ISOs and shutter speeds and holding in our piss. 

There were a few other annoying things, like when the lighting crew changed the lighting for no reason. Why would you do that? Or when people in the front row kept standing up during the show, and blocking our shots. Or when they over sold tickets and people had to stand in the line of photography fire. 

The bottom line is, we're the cool kids. You can't sit with us. 

Happy Days, 

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