Lagos Fashion Week 2013: Street style from Day 3

Hello, it's me again. Yes, me, your host, your writer, Afam, the tired, the silly, the tactless, the witty... The list goes on. I was really tired on the third day of Lagos Fashion Week but that's probably because I didn't eat anything all day yesterday. There's something about fashion week that makes you want to live on a diet of coffee and cigarettes. But that's unsustainable. I'll eat today, so don't worry about me. Not that you were worried. I know what you're here for. You're here for the who's who, and the what's what, and the what's why. And I'm going to give it to you like I gave Captain Reginald, my 6 year old Rottweiler and only child, the last of my ram meat from the Eid celebrations (Salah meat!!!). He nearly bit my hand off, but it was worth it because he enjoyed it. I would put up a picture of him, but I CANNOT BE BOTHERED!!

Let's get on with it shall we?

Here you have Anna from Marie Claire Russia giving us eco fashion. Well her water bottle is extremely eco friendly as it's reusable. It looks way better than plastic too! The strap of her bottle matches with her shoes and I think that's ah-mazing. Talk about a real #fashionmoment. Mhhhmmm #instagood. Anyway, when I was speaking to her because I'm super cool and stuff she said that she enjoyed THE ORANGE CULTURE SHOW FROM TWO DAYS AGO!!! I'm really pleased for Bayo. I reviewed his collection with my brostitute Ola aka Babs here:
Niyi Okuboyejo, the owner and creative director of Post Imperial. They make super cool accessories like that super fun tie he's wearing. I found out that I can't have his Hand Me Downs because he lives in New York. But have no fear, I will travel for worn clothes. Here he's wearing tasseled loafers, and an informal jacket. 

Temi Dollface. I know this is cliche but she's got a dolls face. She's wearing vintage escada, and it shows. Even though I'm pretty sure she looks good with the lights off, here, she looks better with the lights on. If there was a Temi Dollface doll, I'd probably buy it and put it on my shelf. I'm creepy like that. 
This is Temi Dollface at the Lagos Photo Festival. Yeah. I got that shot first!! Nobody has this. I am the only one in the world that has this. My name is Afam. I think I'm great, with any luck, you will too.

I think her name's Funmi. I took this one at the Lagos Photography Festival! It's just next door to Fashion Week so it was super chilled and super easy to get to. I know I'm saying super a lot, but that's because I'm feeling super. I SLEPT LAST NIGHT!! I didn't sleep the night before, or the night before that. I've got to work hard, so I can make money, and pay other people to do this for me. It's not that I don't enjoy it but... Okay it's like this. I quite like cleaning my bum after I take a shit. It's the hygeinic thing to do, and it's therapeutic too. However, if I could afford a Japanese goal keeping toilet to do it for me, I would. Anyway, I really like her t shirt. I'm getting one today. She's selling cool t-shirts at the Lagos Photo festival. N3,000 per shirt. I'm so down. On a side note. Home boy's trying to cup a feel. 

This man right here is Mr Yohji. That's not his actual name. As much as it hurts me to admit it, I can't spell his real name off the top of my head, which is why I wrote it down in my phone. His name is Yegwa Ukpo. He has a store which stocks a lot of Yohji Yamamoto. Here, he's wearing all Yohji. That Jacket is super duper fresh, and the drop crotch trousers look comfortable. there was some poor kid who came up to ask him what kind of trousers he was wearing. I smiled the smile I reserve for people who don't know what they're getting into. Yohji clothes are addictive. 
This is Cassandra Ikegbune. She's really tall, skinny and quirky. She's a blogger. I was really pleased to find out that she'd read my blog. I'm always happy and surprised when people tell me that they have. It's so bizarre. I really like what she's wearing, especially the converses. However I think it's a little bit too well put together. More scruff!

Ian Audifferen. I need that t shirt. I want to hang it on my wall. It's just so pretty. He came to fashion week to be photographed though. You can tell. 

Yemi Olowu. I liked this better in person. Not all clothes photograph brilliantly, and that's okay. I like that his trousers stop above the ankle. I almost bought a pair just like these, but I remembered that I quite like rolling my trousers up. It makes me look special. 

How cool is she? I can't handle it right now! She can't even handle it right now! What elixir do you have to drink, before you can leave your house looking like this? Tell me. I'll pay you. I haven't got a lot of money so be reasonable. I'll offer 7 words that'll make you smile, and a smile of my own. She's a stylist, and her name's Unique James. Yes, Unique is her first name. I'll move on before I slay myself. 

Toyin Jolapamo. She blogs as the soho sister. She's hot. We made friends pretty quickly. I''m actually shocked how chilled she is. Because I like her so much, I'll put up a few more pictures of her. That's Givenchy bag by the way. It's a really nice one. Maybe Niyi, will like it. Niyi is the guy that carried his Ipad purse/murse to the first day of fashion week. He'll hit me when he reads this, so if you know him, don't tell him about it until he's back in Newyork. #instagetawaywithit

I really like this shot of her. It makes up for the rubbish shots of her I took the day before yesterday and the day before that. 

In her mind, these are work and activity friendly clothes. #delusional.

And this is Kwen. He's a model. He's a pretty cool guy, and I like his shirt. He's on instagram. Follow him 

And this right here is Lawizzy. I have no words. I can't handle it. Lawizzy ditch the nickname. It's awful. In all fairness, he's dressed like I imagine a guy named Lawizzy would dress. So I suppose that's alright. I want his kaftan/ jalabia for my next costume party. I actually really like it though! It's long, so you can go commando, and flash the people you don't like like the pervert that you are deep deep deep deep deep down inside. Right costume wrong party!!! 

He's Lawizzy's friend, and his name is Joseph Ashiru. I like it. I really do. I'm not even being sarcastic. He's well turned out. He looked better than I did last night. I looked like a bloody tramp. 
Fifemayo Aiyesimoju. I took a shot of her yesterday. I like how slight she is. Her shoes are awesome. I don't really need to say more do I?

Here we have Ezinne Chinkata wearing Kiki Kanani. I wish my surname was Chinkata you know? Then I'd be Afam Chinkata. How exotic and tropical is that? Maybe if my name was Afam Chinkata, I'd speak French because French is an exotic and beautiful language. Anyway, she looks great.It's a nice dress with catchy front details. 
How sweet does she look? She looks like she's got a lovely personality and that's unfair. Pretty girls shouldn't have great personalities too. Maimunna Abdullah.

This is Liome Engele. She's from the Democratic Republic of Congo. She's the first Congolese person I've ever met and this deserves a happy dance. 

Here we have the incredibly charming Asanda Sizani in a dress by Kisue, a South african clothing line.

And here, we've got Folu Storms. It's a nice dramatic dress. As Folu is both pleasant and dramatic, I think it's a beautiful fit. 

Bayo Oke-Lawal. He's wearing his own designs. It's a lot to take in. It's been a day, and I still haven't taken it in. I kid. I like the shirt. I like that he wears his own designs all the time. No one likes a designer who can't dress themselves. 

Her body! My God! Her body! It's totes amaze. I cannot deal. Maybe I'm gushing a little too much but it's alright. I'm a Rambling madman. Scratch that I am the Rambling madman, the man child behind the blog the ramblings of a madman, fear me. I kid. I'm harmless. I like what Teni Z's wearing in this shot. That tie die shirt gives me life, and I like that it matches with his paint splattered looking trainers. I do not think that I could ever wear what he's wearing here though. I'm much too short to pull this off. At least if there 's ever time that I'm in need of a minidress, I'll know where to look. 
Happy Days,

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