Lagos Fashion Week Day 2: Street style on and off the green carpet (With Temi Dollface, Handsome guy, Darling Girl, Beautiful Smiling Woman, Teni Z of DRB, and not nice woman)

Who needs a red carpet when you've got a green one? And who needs that when you've got paving stones. I don't mean the neat interlocking paving stones, I mean the paving stones you would find after a car bomb goes off. That's just to give you an idea of how rough the terrain is in some parts of the area cordoned off for Lagos Fashion Week 2013. I suppose you shall get a glimpse of it in the pictures to follow.

Yesterday, you got a look at Nkiru Anumudu and her pineapples. Today you get to see her son Eyinna (A top notch lad by the way. He's such a solid character! I like it when people smile unabashedly and unreservedly. There's nothing reserved about Eyinna's smile here) and Gbaddy, my brother. 

Orire Omatsola and Adebayo Oke-Lawal. They both showed their collections today. It's a little bit of a clap back from yesterday's edition of Street style fashion week. With any luck you'll get to see them tomorrow too. Orire's shade of lipstick is darling, but Bayo needs to BUTTON UP HIS DAMN shirts. I can't see why that many buttons should be ignored when they're there for a reason. It is likely that he made the very nice shirt that he's wearing, but I wouldn't know because I didn't ask. I'll ask him on twitter or something. He followed me yesterday! He's such a nice guy.

Niyi!!!! I got a photo of Niyi yesterday. He didn't like that I called his Ipad purse a murse, but after I kissed his arse for a bit, he let me take this shot. Niyi is a fashion designer and store owner. No, I do not know his surname. I love his leopard print tassled loafers, his hat, his shades and his jacket. I think we're roughly the same size. I'll ask him if he has any hand me downs tomorrow, because I don't like new clothes. I joke. It's an unfunny joke that one. I'll do better next time.

This is Simi-sim-Sima aka Simisola Ogunsanya. She gave me her number. Yippee Kai Yay Motherfucker! Does etisalat do free midnite calls? She looks quite nice. Yes, she looks like a miniature black Florence Welch. 

Teni Zaccheus of DRB!!! I like this picture because he's got a bottle where his penis should be and probably is.. How funny is that? I do not know who the lady on the right is. I'll assume that she's the leader of his fictional harem.

I cannot understand why he isn't standing properly. That aside I like it. It's really hipster chilled, and that means that it isn't chilled at all. He didn't just throw it on. He thought about it. That isn't a bad thing though. He looks good.

And here's Tosin Olukuade of Facuade fame. He gave me my first ever fashion freebie, a rather lovely green shirt that I probably couldn't afford on my own. I am grateful. He's a designer by the way.

This is the incredibly popular fashion blogger Toyin Jolapamo (the soho sister). I think she might have been feeling a little bit blue today. I'll pray that she's sunnier tomorrow. Denim on denim works for a few people and she's obviously one of them.

Denola Adepetun and Toyosi Faridah Kekere-Ekun. I love her name. It's the name of a Captain, a Sergeant, a Human Being of Epic Might.They look good together.It's a successful look that she's put together. I've got no complaints.

I had a little bit of an argument with a random follower of mine on twitter, about me saying that he was handsome. You see, this guy, Denola Adepetun,  is so handsome, that it would be stupid not to say it. If I didn't know who he was I would ask, "Did you see that guy?" and you would ask, "which one?" and I would say, "The handsome one." He was giving me sexy face, and that made me uncomfortable, because my sexy face looks like I'm taking a shit (See below), and his looks like he's just stepped out of a movie. It could also be that I was just uncomfortable with how outclassed I was in the looks department. But never fear, when I get rich, I'll buy me a new face. His suit is nice. It's a great shade of blue. The pin could have been left at home, the contrast with the pink shirt is brave, and the blue tie is masterful. His trousers could be taken in a tad though. 
This is my sexy face. This is what a sexy face should look like. I look like I could devour a dragon, or at the very least fly like one.

This woman reminds me of Thandie Newton. She's incredible. 

Look at how shy her smile is! 

And the back of the dress is divine too. Her name's Asanda Sizani. It's a pretty name, for a pretty girl.

Danica Lepen, the creative director of Kisua, a South African fashion line. What's not to like? It's dramatic, and modern. Very cool. I love the jacket as a cape thing. It reminds me of men in the fifties. I don't know that they did that, so I can't tell you why it reminds me of how men dressed in the fifties... It must have something to do with the high waisted nature of her trousers.

That's Teni Z of DRB and Ebuka Obi_Uchendu. I hate the t-shirt. He looks alright, but I really, really dislike the tshirt. It's a taste thing.

Jenny Tan, the publisher of Reloaded magazine. How stunning is she? It's ridiculous. Those boots weren't made for walking. I want to mount them on a pedestal and look at them. They are just so blue! I love blue. Blue's the colour of life or something, so I can't possibly dislike what she's wearing, especially as she's wearing two remarkably blue items. 

Amaka Onyenokwe. Her belly's flat, her nails are red and her hair's natural. Who's a fan? I am.

Rory Okoli. I like her too. It just works you know?

I got to meet Anna Rykova. She's the Fashion Director of Marie Claire, Russia. I very nearly died. She gave me her card. I'm going to frame it and put it on my wall, because I'm a little fanboy.

Medina. That's her name. She's a photographer. I like how she's chilling and pointing her toes. Who does that?

This is Nigeria's best young Chef, Chef Fregz!! You've got to love him.

I know I've been loving a lot of things lately, but I genuinely love this girl. Her name's Dede Bosagie. I want to scream how great she is from the top of my lungs, but the words fail me. Instead, I'll make do with the warm intangible bubble I feel inside me when I think of her. She looks great. Her "nude" studded pumps are the way forward.

That's Dede with a friend of hers, Buki Animashaun. Her bag and her shoes... You want them don't you. I also love that her toes aren't slipping out of her shoes. She's a fashionista through and through. That rhymed. Yay me! Shut up. It's eight minutes past one in the morning. I'm allowed.

Before I talk about this one, I'll say two things. The first is that it's my blog and I can say whatever the hell I want to, as long as I don't slander anyone. and the second is that I've drank a fucking shit load of coffee, and that's like crack for me. I'm not myself tonight! Fuck that, I'm more myself than I've ever been. This Lady, veronica, wasn't very nice to me. She hurt my feelings. I'll be perfectly polite and friendly, but I really shouldn't have to grovel like a dog for your picture. If you do not want your picture taken, then tell me you don't want your picture taken and I'll fuck off. It isn't personal. I won't be suicidal if you say no. If you're not into it, don't make it a chore for the both of us. All of that aside, she looks lovely. #theend

How chic is Fifemayo Aiyesimoju? She's so chic that I want to ship her all the way to Brooklyn!! 

Sequins. I can't say anything more than that. 

This is another chef, Tolu Eros. He's the CEO of Cookie Jar. They make great cakes, cookies and cupcakes. They also gave me free cake one time. He's wearing a modern take on a chef's uniform. That is what that is isn't it?

Dolly (Dolapo) Osunsina. I haven't got that many words for her. She's a lovely girl. She makes me think happy thoughts. I've got Teni Z to thank for this photograph though. He convinced her to pose for me. :)

Ijeoma Onyeji, and Sylvia, and Olivia Enekwe. Ijeoma is gorgeous. The sisters are too, but in a different way. The only thing is that they're wearing the same shirt. One is brown and green and the other is green and brown. I think they're a little too old for twinsies, but #YOLO

I loved taking this photograph. Her smile is beautiful. She's just a beautiful human being. Now I want to cry, because she's so damn beautiful. She was really nice to me too. Her bag's a mahassive Dolce one by the way, and she deserves points for wearing such a bold colour. Neon hasn't been a popular colour on the green carpet. Her name's Tarie. 

And now, the one, the only Folu Storms. This is how she poses when she's posing for random photographers.
And this is how she poses when she's posing for me! Boom Chaka Wawa!!!!

Temi Dollface. Whoop! Whoop! She said she loved my accent. Whoop! Whoop! Thanks Mama and Papa Afam, those millions you spent sending me to England have finally paid off!!! For those of you that do not know, Temi Dollface is a brilliant Nigerian musician. 

Thank God! I made it! I never thought I'd get to the end. He's really photogenic this one. There's something about what he's wearing that I like. I wouldn't wear it, even if it was the elixir of life, but I'll give it to him. He looks good. 


@udegbunamchuks said...

Lol. Thank God say you no tear madam Vero to shreds. Temi Dollface always looks mighty nice nice ain't don't think ebuka's ebuka's shirt is that bad. Kinda like it. Maybe I wouldn't if I saw it up close sha.

Those pants on Denola need some serious work oh. Looks jagajaga to me but the Blazer and pink shirt work

Kay said...

You're hilarious, if a little risqué :-) So far, so good. Staying tuned for all your Day 3 pictures :-) Video too, maybe? Please? Of Jewel by Lisa and Maki Oh's collections? Am I overdoing it? Yes? Okay. Bye. :-)

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