Lagos Fashion Week Street Style Day 4: THE FINALE! Featuring Dollface, Handsome Dude, Folu Storms and the Guy in the Kilt

The time has come for the last edition of Street Style at Lagos Fashion Week series. I'm depressed. Hell to the no! I'm ecstatic. All of that running up and down the green carpet like a madman was just too much effort. Actually that's a lie too. I liked it. I really did. I had such great energy. I was so happy and flighty and personable that I almost didn't recognise myself. I'm usually quite cranky, and grouchy, but on the green carpet I was like the duracell bunny. I was the politest, most effective photographer out there and this made me happy. That's enough sentimental rubbish. I can be such an emotional human being sometimes. I'll start this one with a bang.

This is Denola Adepetun aka handsome dude. I like his trousers. And I like how they're rolled up. Ankle cleavage is the best kind of cleavage that a man can have. Pec cleavage is a little too look at me. Ankle cleavage is just the right amount of check me out. That blazer! I need it. Dood, when you read this, just tell me where you got it from. If you don't we shan't be friends. Yes, I'll unfriend you from life. It's that deep. I kid (no, not really). It all works really. His belt doesn't match his shoes, but it still works. 

Also, the bow-tie would have been more impressive if it were a self tie one. Self tie bow-ties are the way forward. I shouldn't really comment on his style. It's much better than mine. Mama Afam said so. 
Before I left to do my fashion week covering duties on Saturday (the last day of Fashion Week was Saturday), Mama Afam pulled me aside and said, "Afam, that Denola boy, is he a model?" - I think he is, but I said, "No, I don't think so." If I said that he was, Mama Afam would have sighed or made a sarcy comment, or arched an eyebrow the way Nigerian parents tend to do when you tell them that friends of yours have unconventional interests. "Well, he's very handsome. Those cheekbones are something else. He dresses well too. Try to be like him." That killed me. It really did. My idea of dressing well is to take my best clothes and make them look as raggedy as possible, or to lock them up in a closet somewhere and never wear them. "Those cheekbones could have been painted on! It's almost as if he wears make up" she went on. And I said "Well, I wouldn't know, but he might do." "Really?" She asked. I said that I'd ask him when I saw him and I left the house.

It should come as no surprise that when I saw him the first words that left my stupid stupid mouth were, "do you wear make up?" He doesn't wear make up by the way. But he didn't see that question coming. It was a verbal sucker punch. Afam 1, Denola nil. But on the embarrassment, emotional intelligence, and tact scale, it was Afam -1,000,000,000...000,000 (ad infinitum), Denola - 0. I wish I could help myself, but I can't.

This is Damola Adepetun, Denola's brother. Sharp suit. Slightly too long trousers. He's good looking too. He isn't as good looking as his brother. If he was I would have sold their pictures to bellanaija for all the single women, married women, and unhappily married women to eat. Who knows? I still might. I see an Adepetun fan page. And I see thirst. 
And now we've got Niyi. That tie. That suit. Those shoes. That Gorimappah!!!! His bald head gives me life! Niyi, what happened to your hat? It's incredibly smart and well cut though. I'll probably do a piece on his label, post-imperial. His ties and pocket squares are stocked in the stranger store in Lagos. Here, he's looking down at me. 
And here, we've got Folu Storms giving us "yeah I know you want to take my picture because I'm such a babe." I know you're wondering how she "keeps it 100" She runs. She runs a lot. I bet that stomach is as flat as a board. There are no spanx underneath that dress. The shoes match the dress and the carpet. It was a pleasure to photograph Folu. She's got too many poses for the mandem, 
Mai Atafo and Fashion week organising lady. Well they both look nice. I like Mai's monk strap shoes. He's really really dandy though. I mean dandy in the classic sense, and that means that he's a fop, a poseur, a bright young thing, a rake... etc. When I asked to take mummy's picture she said, "But why? I'm not famous or anything." She didn't know that I was Afam. I mean, who gives a flying rats arse if you're famous or not. I need your pisho so that I can write underneath it. Plus some Nigerian celebrities kind of, sort of, take the piss. It's ridiculous really. 

Kenneth Ize, looking all dark and emo and London and hipster. He looks like one of my friends from school, Gabriel Inegbese. I'm sorry. I really had to use Gabby's real name. I've never actually written Gabby before. It's kind of feminine when you think about it. #jab. Anyway he's cool. I love those trousers. and those shoes. I like the way he dresses. He looks homeless but not.

She was nice. She stood posing for ages. I was like, Sistuh, sistuh I need your pisho and she was like alright, I'll let you take my pisho.

Then she was like, "he's taken my pisho. Now, lemme scratch my eye without smudging my make ups"(i did that intentionally) But I was like I'm always here sistuh, and I took another pisho! #cheekyafam

When Sistuh realised that I was still there with my baby camera, the canon SX280 HS, she righted herself and gave us the winning pose. I call it the model 101 Imma put my hand on my hip pose. Tyra Banks taught her well. Her name's Marie Miller

This is Rory Okoli. You may remember her from day 2. She looks like she was happy to see me. I like her hair.

See this fine gyal. #TeamLightSkinned I know she's pretty and all, but in Lagos, her prettiness has been magnified 1000% because of how light she is. But that's got nothing to do with her, because she was perfectly nice. She gave me facebook smile here. I'm sure that if you find her on facebook you'll see the same smile in every picture. Linda Iheonu

This guy's name is Prince Joro. He's giving us Halloween and that's just as well, because it's in a few days.

Here you have  Folake Awobot and T.I Nathan. They look nice I think.I like his blazer. I hate her dry cleaning bill. 

Look at this curvy babe (Lilian) giving me that shy smile. I know she wants me.  I can see it in her eyes. There are like 1000 songs in those two sentences. The first sentence is equal parts cole ocho by Pit Bull, and Blurred Lines. And the second is some straight up Kylie Minogue. She's Folu Storms' stylist.

I didn't get this chaps name.I like the pieces individually but together? I'm skipping on to the next one before I slay myself.

Tolu Onabanjo and Dk Olumofin-iii. Tolu and Muffin sitting in a tree... I asked him if he was fucking with me, becuase DK Olumofin-iii is a little bit of a weird one. He wasn't. I do like what he's wearing but it's much too much. I don't like the way he's done his pocket square and there's something distinctly Ibo about the chain.  
This is Hawa. She's got a face that makes you go awww. She looks like the muse of an R and B song. And there ain't nothing wrong with a little bump and grind. She makes me want to step in the name of love, because Oh! I need her boo, and no! one else will do because with every sommmin and every sommin she makes me fall in love.
Woosh! Half way there! We'll make it. Stick with me and we'll go places. I call a tea break, or a cigarette break. Well a cigarette break is more like a suicide self mutilating session really. So I can't advise that you do it. #Afamspeaksthetruth

This was the Spice televisions, correspondent in Lagos. She said that she loved Lagos, that she flies between England and Lagos, frequently. I said Sistuh, it's easy to love Lagos in small doses. When you live here, if Lagos were a human being you would kill it everyday, and in every way possible.

It's a gorgeous dress.

Here we have Bayo Oke-Lawal aka the Orange Nerd. He's the ultimate hype man. If you write about him, he'll retweet it. This is the best sort of human being in the world. I have no doubt that he's wearing himself again. I like him. If you don't wear your shit, then why should I want to wear it. Anyway, when I have money, I'll buy his stuff on Jumia. In the meanwhile, some freebies would be nice. 

Even though Blk Kangaroo is in Canada, it's nice to see that they were present at fashion week. Arrieta, the loudest person on the production team at fashion week is wearing one of their t-shirts here. I saw her yell at a model for coming 3 hours late. I almost cried for the model.

This is Ian Audifferen. He's a great human being. He lent me his designers pass so I could go backstage and steal a very nice seat, and put my tripod down right at the centre of the pit. I am grateful. Here he's wearing orange culture trousers and his own shirt I think. He's a designer. Google him maybe?

This is our very photogenic friend from day 2. I forgot to ask him for his name again. #BadAfam I like the shirt. It's the sort of thing I'd wear as a jacket.

I like smiley people. I really do. Her name's Bunmi Olunloyo. It looks like leather, i's black, and anyway you look at it, those are loubitins. Sistuh, your shoes cost more than my camera. How do you think that makes me feel?

:-). mwahahahahaha. The trousers are a bit long. Those shoes should have stayed in Italy, and homie must have sweating buckets when he got inside because i was wearing a slip of a tshirt and I was positively soaked when I came out of the fashion week tent. I do quite like his shades. A for Effort. He looks good in his own way. He might have looked better if this was London. But I'm not going to see you wearing a bomber jacket and scream, "SWAGGY." I'll think other less pleasant, quite possibly vulgar things. His name is Wale Rubber. 

This is them together. The top half isn't bad you know. It's quite nice. It's just those trousers!

This right here is Agocha Davis. :-) I like the name, but it isn't half as cool as mine. My name is Afam Odi. Yes, I gave it to myself. How cool am I? I would wear this I think...maybe not together... And certainly not that well put together. I like to be scruffy. I don't like to comb my hair. How do you like his hair colour? Do I get to make ginger jokes or ask inappropriate questions like, are your pubes ginger?

This here is Bigben. He's a designer. It's a good look I think.

Here we have the one an only Toyin aka sohosister in an asos jumpsuit. I told her that she shouldn't have worn a bra... She's doing her signature pose with her Givenchy bag. 

This is Toyin again. Before you brand me a pervert, this is why I told her that she should have ditched the bra, it's visible. She still looks great anyway, and we've got the same Ray Bans. Does this mean that I've got good taste.
You've got to love this girl. She's Onasanya, the best friend of my good friend Zeek, who is killing everyone in LSE. Whoop! Whoop! I really dig the yellow shoes, the distressed denim jeans, and the python print t-shirt. It's crazy. 

Here we've got an East African beauty!! Diana Opoti hails from Kenya. Gorgeous Smile!

I have a soft spot for this one. She distracted me from my fashion week coverage with her stimulating conversation. I see her face in my minds eye. She's wearing a wrap dress by someone... I can't remember who. I'll ask her on twitter. This is how you set twitter p. From asking her who she was wearing, I'll ask her about her day, and then in 20 years, we'll be sending our first child to University. 

Here we've got Cassandra. She's pouting it like a vilain. Yeah gimme those duck lips! Work it!

This is Toyosi Mobereola. She doesn't live in Nigeria. Can you tell? Is that a leopard print, cheetah print, or jaguar print? Because I can't tell.
I know that I should probably not have put this one in. But it's adorable. Look at Temi Dollface try to make ugly face...

Sistuh Sistuh, this is how you make ugly face. You need to drink a swimming pool load of water and practically drown.

Anyway, I like what she's wearing here. It's a pretty hat. 

Here's Folu Storms, interviewing Mai Atafo and rocking the hell out of this Tumiila dress. The dress was shown on the same night!

Yes this is the dress.  
I'm glad it's over. I thought it'd never end. Until the next event I cover, or until the next time I take my camera and start harassing the general public. It happens more often than you'd think.



It's just like when I wore that PVC Superboy costume, I was the joke of the night. But I knew what I was doing when I put it on. I hope this guy did, because I think I might devote an entire blogpost to him.

Happy Days,


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