Maki-Oh Inspires Tiffany Amber (Lagos Fashion and Design Week 2013)

Those of you who follow my blog religiously will know that I put this one up a while ago and took it down two hours later. I recently discovered that everyone that could possibly have been affected by it, has already been affected by it, and as such there's no need for it to gather dust in the draft bit of the good old blog. As you were famzers. 

One of the things that I love about fashion, is how the ideas are mixed and exchanged. A designers collection inspires another's, couture inspires ready to wear, and ready to wear in turn inspires the High Street. The mix of ideas is almost academic, and the schools of thought are the various aesthetics that the designers subscribe to. Some designers stick to the same aesthetic through out the duration of their careers and some others sprint through them, gaining a new identity with every season. And some others stick to what they know, because the known is safe, comfortable and secure. So it is commendable when a designer starts to embrace another aesthetic. It's like a baby taking its first steps. This is what I saw when Tiffany Amber's clothes walked down the runway. Some of the items shown were so clearly inspired by Maki Oh's aesthetic that it is a wonder that they didn't do a collaborative show. It is a little odd as the two designers have similarly sized houses. Just as it would be odd if Versace and Gucci, or Zac Posen and Michael Kors routinely inspired each other from one Spring/Summer Season to the next, especially as the sources of inspiration in the world are infinite. Tiffany Amber some how managed to bottle the spirit of Maki-Oh and wear it on her collection as if it were a perfume she could put on at will. I cannot say what it was exactly, but her use of adire prints, and sheer fabrics, had a certain Maki-Ohness about them. But this is fashion, the new inspires the old everyday, and in every way and vice versa. 

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