Review of the Ella and Gabby Lagos Fashion Week 2013 collection: Conversations in fashion with Ola Ebiti

If I said I knew nothing about fashion I would lying. I'm learning albeit slowly. To know fashion is to know history. I've got at least half a century of fashion history to learn before I'll feel worthy of the title of fashion blogger/journalist. As with all things there's someone who knows a lot more than I, Ola Ebiti, who I call Babs, just because I almost never call anyone by their real name. He's a Fashion Communications student in Newcastle. I can't remember the name of the university at this time, but that's okay because it's 3 in the morning and I'm wired.

Anyway this is Olas's cue...

This is a little silly but the only person that I think of wearing these clothes is Gabby from the Desperate Housewives. Her short petite frame would really resonate with the shapes.

During New York Fashion Week I thought a lot about what I was seeing on the runway and if the clothes shown warranted a catwalk (God knows not everything does). I feel the same about this collection. Of course, there's a never ending debate about what is and isn't runway worthy, and what's more? The debate is a purely subjective one. It can't possibly be quantified.

Be that as it may, this collection fits the bill for Lagos Fashion and Design Week (Lagos Fashion Week). It doesn't resonate with the fashion hunter looking for the new, and it doesn't make your blood boil, or your nerves tingle with excitement. It's just fine. But just fine isn't enough when the world is looking in.


I agree with him. It isn't the most avant garde collection out there. It's certainly more wearable than most, but there's no real wow moment. I liked the three looks below.

The one on the left I like because of its top half. I wish the bottom half were something different. I for one would have liked to see the easy draping continue. The middle dress I like because it's flowy and light. It moved very well on the runway. I like the dress on the right because of the model, Uju. She's the Karlie Kloss of Lagos. There is nothing that she can't make look good. The print is also fairly interesting, and the colour blocking on the side is slimming. I am quite pleased that the panels are green. Black would have made for a harsher contrast. However, it is a little bit of a christmas time dress.

Happy Days,
Afam and Babs

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