Review of Wana Sambo at Lagos Fashion Week 2013 (Conversations in Fashion with Ola Ebiti aka Babs)

We've done this twice before so there's no need for a long introduction.

I've got this mate, Ola Ebiti. We go way back. He's a fashion student and I'm Afam, a writer. We talk about fashion and share our opinions on things to do with fashion. Sometimes we agree and sometimes we don't. 

This is Ola's cue...

I really wish Wana Sambo's first look was the one above, and not the one below.

The dress and coat would have reinforced the message of the Empowered woman that the brand is known for. Even though the clinical white fabric (Did you get a press release about the collection?) and white lace combination often feels matronly, she made it modern. It still reminds me of the red cross sign, but I'll let that go. 

The separates with red lace applique really sold it for me.

I didn't get the Asian influence in the middle. That came from nowhere. The hat was especially distracting.

Her transition into the midnight blue evening wear was seamless and I loved her use of layering to create the wonderful last look.


I didn't like this collection as much as Babs did. It had many little bits that were nice, but it never quite came together. I'll explain. The first look is lovely. I've seen it a hundred thousand times before, but it's still a lovely dress. But then it has little or nothing to do with the dresses that come after it. The second dress, wasn't great. It wasn't at all flattering to the models figure. Maybe it's the right dress on the wrong girl, but I don't know. I can't say. It gave the model all the curves of a ruler.
There's a figure underneath that's dying to come out. Let it Wana. It wants to be free.
I didn't like the white silk and red lace combination. It was a little matronly, but I suppose it could be milfish. The dress Ola says should have opened the show was a milfish dress. I cannot imagine anyone wearing it in real life and looking good, and that's a problem, because my imagination is immense. The separates with the applique were the most successful part of that segment. I can see that woman in my head, she exists, but she wouldn't necessarily wear both pieces together.

I liked the Asian influence in the middle, but I cannot tell you where it came from. It's probably the sort of dress that came to Wana Sambo in the middle of the night, like Harry did for J.K. Rowling. The first Asian inspired dress, the one shown in Ola's section is a commercial dress, that loads of women can wear with a bra. It will do well.

As Babs said, the transition to the midnight blue evening wear was seamless. That segment of the show was undoubtedly the best part of it. The looks I loved are below.

Happy Days,

All pictures are mine. It's important to say, lest you fail to appreciate the effort that went into everything. This way when I say, I'm tired and my waist hurts, you can sympathise with me.

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Dawna said...

The long 'ruffled' midnight bluey purple looking skirt is gorgeous.. I would love to buy that!

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