Social Commentary on Fashion Journalism in Nigeria.

The shocking thing about fashion journalism in Nigeria, is that there is none. There's so much arse kissing that it's a wonder that everyone in the industry doesn't walk around with pink eye. And that in itself isn't the worst thing. The worst thing is that  the only fashion journalism that exists here is actually PR. That's awful. I was going to swear there but I refrained. I've got to do something about my potty hand.

I'll give you an example:

What the devil is this?

The only words in there are:
"Giving us everything fab! The Spring/Summer 2014 Iconic Invanity collection is everything signature Iconic with a few new pieces.
Showcased at the GTBank Lagos Fashion & Design Week 2013, the collection was tagged the Elements and it consists of beautifully crafted dresses, jumpsuits with sheer fabric cut outs, shift dresses with sheer hounds tooth detail fabrics and of course that signature embroidered Iconic Invanity bodace."

How does this tell anyone anything. Not even the pictures are original. They're the one dimensional pictures from the Lagos fashion week website. They don't tell you that, Iconic Invanity got the loudest applause, or how the dresses walked (They walked very well. The collection was consistent) and they don't comment on how the use of beads was occasionally offensive. I don't care what you say, but I will not like a dress that essentially illustrates the vagina. I can't, because I can't see how any woman would want to wear that. 

There's no subtlety about it. That's a diamante vagina. 

She'd be better off walking about naked. 

I think that as members of the press we've got a duty to inform the conversation and I don't know that we do it enough here...

Happy Days, 

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