Street Style part 2 from Lagos Fashion Week Day 3

Hello. I shan't swear in this one, I promise. I've been really sweary lately, and that's probably got something to do with the fact that I haven't slept properly for 5 days. But complaining about it now is futile. If I get anything more than on any night 4 hours of sleep between now and next week Sunday, I'll be a lucky man, but a dead man too. I've got so much work to do. Designers need reviews, and all my other writing obligations have to be fulfilled. Speaking of which, there's one that needs to go up on voix today, else my editor in chief will have my head. I suppose I've got Habiba Wushishi to thank for this post. If she hadn't noticed that I didn't put the pictures I took of her up, I would have completely forgotten about them. By the way if you're more into pictures than you are into words. Then check out my instagram: afamodi. It's got awesome photos that no one else has. I'll give you a sneak peak.

Jewel by Lisa
This is my insta link:

That's unedited. I don't own photoshop.

Okay. Let's get on with it shall we.

This is Marie. How pretty is she! Those braids! There were people born for braids and she's obviously one. I'm spending mor e time than I should looking at her picture, but only because I can't seem to scroll down. Scroll down. Scroll down. I like that she isn't hung up about how good looking she is. You can tell from the picture can't you?

Here you have the one and only Habiba Wushishi. I love her last name so much I'll say it again Wushishi. If we got married I'd probably take her last name. Afam Wushishi. I think that's the best one so far. I like her with her eyes closed, and her sunny disposition is sunnier than both her yellow dress and the fading sun in this shot. Love it.

The wind came out to play here. That's a pretty dress she's got on. 

Sistuh on the left didn't want to be photographed but I used my Afam charm on her. I didn't quite understand why she didn't want to be photographed. Those trousers were made to be photographed.  Sistuh on the right didn't want to be photographed without sistuh on the left, which is just as well, because they complement each other like good friends do. I'm calling it y'all. These folks are bffs 4 eva. Sistuh on the left is Arinola Sagoe, and sistuh on the right is Victoria Humphrey. 

Can you tell that she's a fashion blogger? The thing about bloggers, is that we're not content with documenting the story, we want to be a part of it too. We report it through our eyes, because we pretend that ours are the only eyes that matter. She wore what she wore to be photographed, and so she was. It's a very interesting look she's put together here. Her name's Jibby Omorhirhi.

This here is Sinem Bilen-Onabanjo. She works for fab magazine. I quite like her bag. It seems like the perfect accessory for bashing people. 

Last but not least is Andrea Manuela Giaccaglia. Oh my days. She is so hot. I didn't mean to type that, but now that I have I shan't remove it. She's scowling at me. She's actually scowling. That's her bad girl don't piss me off photography face, but it was all an act. She was exceedingly nice. We had a nice conversation about iphones, and macs. She's ditched the iphone for a samsung. Come back to us Andrea! We need you! By the way have you noticed her feet? That arch is ridiculous! it's literally a semi circle. Lord have mercy! I'm stunned, but that's only because she's stunning from head to foot. She's got the prettiest feet I've seen all week.
Happy Days,

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