What they wore to Day 1 of Lagos Fashion and design week (featuring Nkiru Anumudu)

The first day of Lagos Fashion and Design week is over. It really is. As I type this it's 1 minute past midnight and that means that we're quite firmly in the second day of Lagos Fashion Week 2013. It was fairly interesting. I observed the bulk of it from my position at the foot of the runway. I stood for about 5 hours without pause. Yes, it hurt, but fashion isn't meant to be painless. Before the show began I did my rounds on the green carpet.

This guy's Bayo Oke-Lawal. He's the creative Director and head designer of Orange Culture. He might also be its only designer, but I didn't ask him that. It seemed like quite a rude question to ask at the time. I didn't ask him what he was wearing either. Well, I asked him about the jacket, but that's because it's a really cool jacket. It reminds me of a pair of overalls or a painters smock. I want! I want! I'll ask him for it tomorrow. Who knows? I might get lucky. I do think he should have buttoned his shirt up though. Not all the way to the top, but just so much that it didn't feel like he was about to assault someone with his nipples. I forgot to say that he'll be showing tomorrow. And by tomorrow I mean today, day two of Lagos fashion and design week. 

This lady is Eunice Efole. Everyone made a big deal about her, so I did as well. What the big deal was exactly I do not know, but for what it's worth she looked nice. She's got an awesome body hasn't she? Look at those proportions! I know a va va voom when I see one. 

That's dear old Eunice again. Her dress is lovely. I quite like it. It doesn't try too hard. The workmanship on the skirt of the dress is incredible. 

This is Niyi. He's one of my newest friends, and that's because we made friends at the same time as the picture was being taken. He carries a murse. He puts his Ipad in it. He's awesome because he laughed along with me, when I laughed at the fact that anywa you look at it, he's carrying a man purse. It's quite a nice purse. I like what he wore. It's chilled without being to chilled. He proves that you don't have to wear sweats all the time to show how chilled you are. 

This is Mai Atafo. He's a designer. He'll be showing on the second day of Lagos Fashion Week 2013 as well. I really like his suit, but the red lining throws me off a little. It reminds me of Mammy's red taffeta petticoat in Gone With the Wind. Do you remember the one? It was so stiff that we could hear it whenever she moved. Rumour has it that his collection is going to be extremely androgynous and gender bending. 
This is Nkiru Anumudu. I'm loving the pineapple accessories. I do not believe that anyone else could pull her outfit off, and that's to be commended. Her shoes are to die for as well. I imagine that thousands of women would kill for them. 
Orire Omatsola and Bayo. Orire is the owner and head designer of Re-Bahia. She's showing tomorrow as well. I had the hugest crush on her when I was in Uni but nothing came of it. She had a boyfriend and my emotions were fickle. 
Toyin Jolapamo. She's the woman behind the blog, the Soho sister. I know the picture isn't a very good one, but a bad picture is better than no picture at all. She's incredibly cool. We get on. Which is a little weird, as I've only known her for 6 hours tops. She's got much better pictures on her blog: http://www.thesohosister.com/

 Happy Days,

PS. These pictures belong to me Afam Odi. You may use them but please include my details and blog link.

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