Hi, I'm Ola.

By and large (what an odd turn of phrase that is!), the normal thing to do is to introduce yourself to people the first time you meet them. Instead of doing this when I started guest blogging, I went straight in with probably the most bizarre thing I've ever written. I then followed that up by defaming my own character and admitting I am willing to cheat to win. So here I am, attempting to adhere to societal norms by introducing myself. Better late than never, eh?

Hi, I'm Ola, and I started blogging earlier this year, largely because I didn't have a job lined up after uni, and I was convinced blogging was a golden ticket of sorts (I still am). My family and friends persuaded me that my writing isn't 100% terrible, and for that reason I've continued blogging. That, and the fact that I still don't have a job. Hence, Afam's invitation to guest blog was one I could not turn down. He's done all the hard work to amass a huge readership, and I've just hopped on like some kind of parasite. So, consider this a public service, as I educate you on how to differentiate host (Afam) from parasite (Ola).

1. He is more open than I am: I tend to cover up any tidbit of truth in so many layers of hyperbole that sometimes my writing literally descends into a jumble of surreal and barely believable imagery, like one of those paintings you see of famous people re-imagined as Industrial Revolution era Pokemon.

2. I never write about anything remotely serious or topical: The closest I came to doing so was when I made brash and racist generalisations about a country with a population of over three hundred million. So if you are looking for well informed opinions and properly articulated viewpoints, you probably shouldn't read my posts. Indeed, a quick scan of my blog will confirm that I solely write about incredibly mundane things. 

3. I see blogging as a means to an end: I'm just a big user, you see. I'm using Afam, and I'm using you. As soon as I get what I want, I'll end this nightmare for you and I. You know what you have to do if you want less me and more Afam*.

There you have it. Enjoy! (Or don't enjoy. It's your prerogative; we all have free will. Don't ever let anyone make you do something you don't want to. Who am I to tell you to enjoy?) 

*Hint: The answer is get me a job.

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