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I (Ola) have mentioned on my blog that I have friends, and sometimes we hang out (this is how I know we are friends, and not just people I've met). We've been to a comedy club in the past, and last week we went to a pub quiz. If I may say so myself, it was a pretty cool thing to do. Almost too cool. Me? At a pub quiz in trendy Hoxton? When did I become so edgy? All I need now is a full 'tache and beard combo and a name like 'Raine', and I may as well be running my own Hackey Sack and table tennis equipment boutique out of a converted Phones4U. 

Anyways, back to the matter at hand. People say it's the taking part, not the winning that counts. Those people have clearly never been to a pub quiz with a monetary prize whilst unemployed. We (the 'Hoxton Hussies') were definitely in it to win it. We felt we had a good chance of a top three finish, seeing as there were only 5 teams involved. We were a team of young, hip people with (probably) above average intelligence and good team spirit. Oh, and we planned to use our various mobile devices to cheat as much as we could. 

How did it go? Well. Have a look.

Hoxton Hussies (In it to win it)
On our way out, we were approached by a barman and I was absolutely convinced the jig was up. We would be banned from the pub and probably hoxton in general and I'd have no chance of opening my edgy boutique. I could pretty much feel the tears welling up. To my surprise and great relief however, he congratulated us as we promised to "definitely be back next week". We probably won't though - cheaters tend to be liars too.

I have no regrets whatsoever. Should I? Please comment below to explain how I am morally bankrupt and not at all edgy.

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