The Nigerian Fashion PSA

I know! Believe me I know! Fashion week was a lifetime ago, so I shouldn't be talking about it now, but these designers need to be told yo!

I've recently learned that the Nigerian first language isn't English but pidjin English, so I shan't type this one in English, I shall type it out in pidjin because it's a little bit of a public service announcement.

Anytin u dey do in life, you first need to understand am wellie wellie. U na nid to kno what your neighbour is doing befo u com embarrass yourself pata pata. But eh, you kno, the kind of embarrassment you go embarrass yourself is a very special kind of embarrassment becos not every body go kno say u embarrass yourself. Like that time Wande Cole and Don Jazzy just dey cast demselves for twitter. Some pepo were team Wande and Some udder pepo were team jazzy but d pepo wey get sense knew dat dere was no winna. All na losa.

So, when som1 go to New York fashion Week to show apron, make u na no come back one month later and also show apron oh! Or when you see dat beta designer don dey release look book and pisho make u too release your own bcos if you dont it will look like say u don copy welly welly. At least if prada coms out yesterday and ur own comes out today everybodi go say dat imbe trend even if u see am and dob am shap shap. I kno say not every1 fit be superior dobberman like dat so make una try do am in one week if na dob u dey dob, but if u no dob, y u go wait tree monts b4 u sho ur own. Is it smat?

Also make u na no wetin everybodi in history don do b4 u come and say na 4 naija u don first make d little black dress. Pepo in Naija go just dey hail u, but when international journalist come and see as u don talk am, dem just go dey lafff pass goat and sheep and winches and wizad. Dey no go feature u 4 magazine oh. Make u no wetin inspire u as u dey design wetin u dey design bcos beta designer are writing dissertation oh! See as I don talk am finish. A word is enough for d... wais.

Happi Deis,

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