Music Meets Runway: Backstage and Behind the Scenes (Work Hard!)

Okay I've got thirty minutes to do this one, so let's make them count. this is what I do when my mind is telling me that it has writer's block. What the devil is writer's block? I am poor! There is no such thing as writer's block. Maybe when I can afford a new laptop and a new DSLR I'll be able to indulge myself in the luxury that is writers block. The point is blocked or not, this shit is coming out.

Before I give you my red carpet report, I must first tell you of what happened at the event before it started. I wasn't given pre event or backstage clearance so I made some for myself. I can be a sneaky bastard sometimes. The bouncers were not happy with me, but you know, I don't think they were happy people. After hustling with me for the entire night, one of them asked me for Christmas. Christmas is usually a tip. I laughed, hard!! Christmas? What is Christmas? Do you know that Papa Afam once told me that I would get no presents because Santa Claus got stuck in AFGHANISTAN?! He wrote that in a $2 christmas card. I almost died. So that's where my Christmas spirit is. Furthermore, Zeek, my buddy extraordinaire from Manchester told me that I was looking black and skinny. That is the face of brokeness.

Let's get on with it shall we?

This was at around five. They were still sorting out the runway. Yes that's what they're doing here. My pictures are noisy, but that was the point. I like noise now. Go figure. 

Here we have Ice Prince Zamani. He's a musician and he's got this song called Aboki that is quite literally the Bee's knees. I played it 30 times without pause in Grandmama Afam's car during a particularly bad stretch of traffic. He's wearing shades indoors, but I don't mind. He was probably hung over. He sounded like he could have been hung over. And yeah, this was during his sound check.

Here, we've got Bayo Oke-Lawal of the Orange Culture. Bayo wasn't happy with me here. You see, he was going to runaway without letting me take my shot. I told him that me getting his picture for you lot was of paramount importance. Are you happy? Did I do good? Give me something! I need your lovin! Let's call it the public lovin' Afam lovin'.  Yippie Kai Yay!

Here he is again. Running away from me. :( 

I don't know what to make of her shirt you know? But she is pretty. The difference makes is tremendous. I'm not saying that she's not pretty without it, but when I look at her, I see the lashes and the dark eyes. Those are things she didn;t wake up with. I do quite like the way she's wearing her jacket here.    

There was a lot of waiting involved to be honest. It was a moment of sorts. A girl kneeling next to her Louis Vuitton bag. Call it what you will, but there was something down to earth about it. Yes, the bag was on the floor. I like how unposed everything is. We pose too much here. 

Look at me checking him checking someone else out. It's a cycle you know. 

Toni Tones in the middle of one of her dance moves. Her hair's pretty massive. She looks like she was having a spiritual experience. 

She was twerking here.

And there too.

And this is Uju, the model of the year, back stage. You remember her from fashion week don't you? I like this shot a lot. She's saying really? You mean you're going to take a picture of me now? 

And here, we've got Makida. She's exquisite. I don't think I've seen many faces as symmetrical and pretty as hers. I ran into her at the Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards Nominations party as well.

Lola Rae and her dancers. I like this one because her hair's swinging. 

Her voice is spectacular. It's a clean pretty sounding soprano. 

Pat that weave baby!!! I'm sorry I had to. 

The Ebony Life Crew. I didn't mean to catch him mid yawn but I did. I don't quite like ebony life. It isn't anything personal really. It's just that they're impossibly big and I'm infinitely little. They get all the perks and I get none. That sucks.

Bunmi Olunloyo talking to the Ebony Life crew. She was in the opening number, and she danced during Ohimai's performance. I think it was a modern dance with bits of modern ballet, African Jazz and such. 

This guy was up there for God knows how long, doing God knows what, but, I'm sure that it was essential. Nobody ever sees the little guy. We need to pay more attention to the people that put these great shows together. I find it funny that I'm just as interested in this guy as I am in many of the red carpet regulars. 

That's Ndidi getting her hair done. She's a waif of a thing. We're instabuddies!

Ituen Bassey inspecting her model's hair. This one wasn't big enough. 

Ndidi again. She's incredibly pretty isn't she? I know her cheek bones don't cut glass, but it's a sweet face. She's a cutie.

She looked like she was having a melt down even though she wasn't so I snapped away. Yay me.

It's Tiwa Savage!

It's Tiwa Savage dropping it like it's hot in her sweats! I love this. 

And here she is again. The dancer in blue made me laugh lots. How contagious is her smile? That's a Tiwa swerve right there. Have you noticed that she's wearing a Tiwa Savage t-shirt. She's working hard yo! That's how you sell your market. I think I should make T-shirts too. #Newyearresolution

And finally we've fot a dude carrying a box of hair. That's how important hair is here. Hair, Hair, Everywah.
Now you know that most of these guys don't just turn up on stage and deliver the awesome performances. They work hard. Tiwa did her sound check/stage rehearsal at about thirt minutes past five. She didn't perform until one. I think there's something admirable there.

Happy Days,

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Weldone!!!! I like that they were not 'pose and snap' pictures...

pls..I want a shirt with the inscription 'PREMIUM or PLATINUM AFAMZER' Thanks :)
Ehn... Stop announcing that you are poor, its starting to sound like a lie... LOL!

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