What da What happened during the AMVCA's de second (aka Afaminator, can you handle it?)

Yo! Yo! Yo! So those weren't all my pictures. I've got a few more. I've got to say, being a fashionisto is paying off on the instagram front. My following isn't that large yet, but I'm sure it will grow like a weed. Weed... That's a nice word. I like it when I feel weedy. And I like that weed has many meanings. Yes, I like the word "weed". It's full of possibilities. Most words are, so I suppose this is why I like words. Anyway, I've got to hurry up and finish this so I can get back to life. I haven't been to Stranger, that store in Lekki since Wednesday and I need a top up. They get my sort crazy over there.

Anyway, let's begin! I like beginnings. I like that I can't see the ending at the minute. I'm sure all of that will become clear once we begin.

Here we've got Tomi Odunsi. She was styled by Rukky Style and I hear she's an actress on tinsel.  She's gorgeous isn't she? When I saw her, I walked up to her and said, "sistuh, sistuh, I gats take your pisho." She obviously acquiesced. if she didn't she wouldn't be here so aren't you gad for it. I love what she's wearing though. It's really pretty. Her shoes are great too. I obviously like the subtle things more than I do the loud.

This is great you know? She could be hiding a carnival up in there but I'm sure that she isn't. You look at her and you can tell that she's a great super nice and cooky individual. These are all good things in my book. I'm going to go out on a limb and call it boho chic. 

Bayo Oke Lawal and Tomi Odunsi. Smize Bayo, Smize. Dude's fierce face is a little too fierce. I can imagine the photoshoot that was going on in his head.  Look a little to the left. Chin down. Stare into the distance. Imagine that there's a safe full of money at the end of the runway. Lust after it. Yeah! Give it your I'm going to rape you now look. And there you have it. I have to say that Bayo looks good here. He didn't really dress up during fashion week because he was working. I was pleased that his man cleavage was absent. Anyway, He's wearing a blazer that he made, a shirt that he made, and a tie from Primark. I shit you not. Dude is a fashion KING!! I have never seen anything primark look that good. I shall tag them in this. I don't know where the trousers are from but the shoes are Armani. They make a pretty couple don't they?   

This is Damilola Adegbite. I love her body. It reminds me of one of the characters in a jackie Collins novel I read once. I'm not going to tell you why because #inappropriate but if she ever asks me I'll drop it like a slut. She looks awesome. I dig it. Her dress wasn't made for sitting though.  

Erm I'm kind of sort of not a camera man. I'm a blogger. And the event didn't pay me a salary. So it's a little awkward when you grab my arm and demand that I take your picture. I'm happy to do it most of the time, but you don't demand charity you know? I've got a job to do and stuff. They look super pretty don't they?

I rate this dood so highly. He was one of the presenters last night and he did a bang tidy job. He had his game face all night. I think I like South Africans. The one's I met last night were brilliant. He looks good, and I like his socks. 

This woman, Brenda Wairimu is such a doll. You'll see a better picture of her later.

Here you have Lawrence, Vimbai and IK Osakioduwa all smiling like perverts. I kid. What! Sometimes my jokes aren't funny. I have to get my rocks off too you know?

That guys head ruined a perfectly amazing shot, so thanks man, for ruining my life.  

This is Vimbai again. I'm obviously secretly in love with her. MMmmm She sweet like chocolate. I'm practicing my African American speech. This was outfit number 2. It wasn't my favourite one that she wore, but she looks great in this shot, and it's all about the shot right? 

Here we've got Makida Moka. he's wearing an custom made dress by Ituen Bassey. It's stunning. She's stunning. Do you understand that she's not even trying to look stunning? That's her face dead on. I'm going to ask her to be my baby momma. I need those genes in my gene pool. Afam and Maki swirl. Boom Chaka Wawa. 

In all fairness Bayo's an amazing sport. Here he's looking at the Orange culture cookies on the menu. He is the biggest advocate of self promotion I've ever met. Which is why I have dedicated a future 40,000 naira to buying one of his designs. It's the coolest smock I've ever seen. I'll blog about it sometime. 

These ladies wanted a picture too, but they asked nicely, so I was happy to do it. They're so shiny!

And this is me, celebrating the fact that I, Afam, got yet another press pass. 

Vimbai again... She had three dress changes last night. I liked this one the best though. That's not to say that the others weren't great. Remember, IMOTEDA BEAT THAT FACE!!! How can anyone say that she doesn't look awesome. Take that haterade you've been sipping and shove it up your arse. What? You wanted to say something? Shove it even higher yo!! That's what I have to say to you @PoshAgabi on twitter.  

Eku in Jewel by Lisa. She makes me sigh. That's how pretty she is. I think I say pretty too much. I'm going to stop taking pictures of pretty people now. They just oppress the non-pretty. I was fairly pleased that handsome chap (Denola) wasn't there. I would have gone home depressed. If you're good looking you should at least have the common decency to be poorly dressed. I feel better and I didn't mean that. Not really... anyway this is about Eku, and she looks great. It's so simple, and elegant.  

This is a sign that the Lord has come down. Those legs. Ah Gaddem. Afam, can you handle it? Afaminator, can you handle it? Afamefuna, can you handle it? Because I don't think you can handle it. And I can't. Legs for days. Legs on legs on legs. Poise on poise on poise. She is exquisite.    

Temidollface gave the best performance of the night. During her performance she stomped off stage, sat on my laps, and did a little dance for me. I was in shock, I call it Temishock. She is fierce oh! I'm going to her next concert with my crew. That's me, Captain Reginald my 6 year old Rottweiler and aspiring photographer, and my two cameras. It's an Afam party. Welcome to my Afamourage.     

This woman! She has a beautiful soul. She isn't that short in real life. She was just trying to hide her slippers. I think she looks like Serena Williams and I mean that in the best way possible. Her name's Moloisi Mabeba, and she haileth from South Africa.   

This right here is Chioma Afe, who works for DSTV. I like what she's wearing. It's flattering. She looks good, but I wish she had stars underneath the Adire cut outs. That's adire no? You know I don't know what adire is. I call anything that looks traditional adire. How bad of me? I'll change my ways immediately. The only thing I don't like about that dress is the zip down the front. It's bizarre. 

And here we have Duro Onokunle. Her smile is the most contagious thing. I really like her hair as well. It suits her. 

This right here is Jennifer Alegieuno.  I don't hate it. She's looks okay. I'm not so sure about the purple and yellow combination but it wasn't the worst thing I saw all evening so, I'll move on. Before I go, it seems that I've only just become sure about the combination. I don't like it. Yellow and purple do not compliment each other at all. Gurr who styled you? She does look pretty though.

Here we've got Linda Ejiofor. I strongly believe that that's her name, but I may be wrong. She looks great doesn't she? I like the cut out at the waist but cut outs are so 2012 aren't they? We're practically in 2014 y'all! And someborry beat that face up! 

This is Ivie in a dress by Cici Mae. It was the most fashion forward dress there. I don't think I'll say any more than that. I liked it. I like it still. It's interesting to look at. 

Ivie again. She's a babe. 

The entertainment on the red carpet was provided by Osameji entertainment. It's owned by two twin sisters, Taiwo and Kehinde. They were fun. I enjoyed their cultural rhythms. I suspect that they may also be cultural dance specialists. I find this detail interesting.    

The dress is nice, but I don't understand why she's wearing that bag and that chunky necklace and those shoes. Everything about this look but the dress and the make up is wrong. The weave needs to go. I'm sorry it does. I think she might have benefited from the powers of an updo.

two words, DISCO QUEEN. The men look like her body guards though and that's unfortunate. 

Praiz. I think that's how it's spelled. Praiz sang very well, but he was on right at the beginning, so not many people listened. He did dress well, and I suppose that counts for something.  Next time don't let them put you on first. The devil is a liar. 

Bah! They're all pretty. But that womans cleavage yo is a big that is beautiful. It's important to say because not every big is beautiful. When your muffin top has a muffin top, that isn't how you are naturally, that big is not beautiful, you're just fat. Of course there's nothing wrong with being fat, but don't go around saying you look like a "normal woman". Make like Gabourey Sidibe and own your fatness. Having said all that these women are larger than size 2 and they're all stunning.  

Brenda Wairimu, I have no words. I kid. I always have words. Epic. Stunning. Fantastic. Doll. She is such a doll. Any way you look at her she's a doll. The dress, flatters her to no end. And the styling and her make up compliment each other. Success! This is the standard people, meet it!! 

Temi Dollface was the best performer of the night. She's a machine. And those shoes, they're like midnight. I love her style. I really do. She was singing to me at that moment. Can you see her looking at me? And, she can azonto like a monster.  
 I had fun. I hope you did too. I've got to jet. There's this thing called The Experience in a lethal bizzle, and I'm covering it so... there.

Yes, I left my belt at home. Why did I leave my belt at home? It's a simple answer,  we had a fight and it isn't speaking to me. I called it ugly. It didn't like being called ugly so it refused to look good on this outfit. Belt-kun please forgive me, I don't know whatta do. Please forgive me, when I'm not loving you. That song came straight from Nollywood. I quite like Africa Magic you know. The other day I watched a movie where there was a winnie the pooh ojuju calabar, and witches and wizards were duelling like they were in Hogwarts. It was such good fun. I laughed my arse off. Feel free to slam me for my shoddy appearance. Like I said, it isn't personal. Eku and I look like best friends here. This is a good thing. Now I can be like she my homie, mhmmm. Don't judge me. I've already judged myself.   

Happy Days,

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