Here, I'm wearing a BlkKangaroo if found return to the motherland t-shirt, gym shorts from Lonsdale, long Johns from David Beckham for H and M,  leather flip flops from All Saints and a lolipop from Chupa Chups. I quite like the t-shirt. There's something nostalgic about the message. When I think about it, I feel happy and mushy inside. 
Okay. Okay. I know this is a really casual way to start things but, whatever, it is what it is. Whenever I find a brand that I think is awesome, I feel obliged to tell you lot about it. The brand of the day is BlkKangaroo, pronounced Black Kangaroo. It's run by Seye Ogunlesi and they make great t-shirts. That's what you expect me to say isn't it? You expect me to tell you that everything is great, and swimming and brilliant, and coming up roses. That's what people pay other people to say about things. Just so that you know, if I ever say that something is great, and leave it there, then someone paid me to do it. I'm better than the word great. You deserve more than the word great. 

Lonsdale Shorts? Don't question me you snobbish bastards. You won't have known if I didn't tell you. And they look great. Don't hate. 

The t-shirts are made of rayon and that makes them as comfortable as they are practical. Of course by practical I mean practical for Lagos. Thick t-shirts aren't good for much here. I you give me a thick t-shirt I'll probably use it as a sweat mop. The t-shirts that they make are super light and super comfy. And what's more, they're on sale! That means they're three thousand naira a pop. And that's brilliant! I know that 3,000 naira's a lot of money, but if you spend it on one of these, you shan't regret it. 

I loved it so much I didn't bother trying it on before I bought it. When you know what you want, there's no point in putting up a front. I'm not about that fronting life. And even if I was, I'm not about fronting for a t-shirt, especially when the t-shirt is N3,000. But you know, as awesome as this t-shirt is, it isn't the one I wanted initially.

Ugly Man meets Ugly bride. 
Yes, that's the one I asked for in June or so. It reminded me of the painting of an ugly woman that we've got in our living room, so I made it my life's mission to fix them up. They make an extraordinary couple don't they?

If you like the t-shirts in this post then you should go here and here. If you're in Nigeria, and you'd really like one, then drop me an email. My email address is Seye's in town (Lagos). I could hook you up but I'm not going to plop his number on here.

Like them on facebook, and follow them on twitter, for updates and special offers.

Happy Days,


There's something timely about the shirts. I can't put my finger on it. Actually I can. It's youth. It's fun and it's sweet, but it's so ephemeral. It's the knowledge that some day, I'll wake up and I won't feel like I do now. I'm not saying that how I feel at the minute is any good, but it's still worth appreciating. There will come a time when I no longer wear t-shirts like this, not because I can't but because I won't be that guy anymore. So I'll wear them while I can, for as long as I can. Clothes are never just clothes. They say things. They mean things. They're emotional. The things that inspired them are written on the packet that they come in. Brooklyn Rooftops, Lagos Traffic, Twerking, Smiling, Living Free, Beaches Bustling, Fresh, WIley, Makossa, After Hours, Body Surfing, Wiley, Kwaito, Braided Beauties, Chill out, Skinny Dipping, Palm Wine, Thursday Nights, Marley, Fela, Sade, Fried Chicken, SOCA, Statement Pieces, Early Mornings, and a host of other things that I shan't mention. But you see what I mean don't you? They've captured the essence of youth and put it in a t-shirt.

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@UdegbunamChuks said...

For several minutes I tried to decipher what the hell you were wearing until silly me read the caption well and disvover3d it was just a pair of shorts and long john. Lol

Had me thinking which kain design be this sef.

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