Nigerians stay doing stupid shit!!

I meant to blog this one last night, but I fell asleep. Anyway, I heard the funniest sad thing last night. I like sad funny things. You know, the things that make you feel a little bit guilty for laughing. I heard it from Mama Afam, so it's true or it's as true as gossip can be.

Sometime in the recent past (don't ask me when. Are you a moron? Everyone knows that gist exists in a space free from the constraints of time) a woman and her personal assistant were driving somewhere. A traffic warden stopped them at the Adeniyi Jones/ Oba Akran junction (I know you Island chillers, and diaspora people don't know where the hell that is, so just imagine any junction. It isn't too hard). While they were waiting for the warden to let the traffic through, the woman slumped and lost consciousness. When the Traffic warden gave the green light, onlookers and passers by noticed that all was not well with the woman in the car. Feeling incredibly good and generous they and the PA (personal assistant) pushed the woman's car with her still inside it to the nearest hospital. By the time they got there, the woman had died. Isn't it ridiculous? This is the stuff of comedy.


Happy Days,

If you don't get it you're a moron. #justsaying

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