When Nigerians do Stupid Shit.

Sometimes Nigerians are more than a little bit stupid. We're so stupid that I wonder that education is wasted on us. There are certain things that any member of the modern age cannot be ignorant of like the swastika.

What is the swastika?

This is the swastika:

Whatever the crooked cross may have meant before the Nazi's in this day and age it stands for a bunch of negative things like:

  • antisemitism
  • discrimination
  • pain
  • torture
  • violence
  • pain
  • death
  • hatred
So why on earth would any Nigerian graduate do this?

This guy's just some guy I encountered at NYSC (National Youth Service Corp) camp in Edo. He didn't know what a Swastika was. The people I was with had seen it before somewhere but didn't know what it meant or implied. I began to wonder if I was the odd one for knowing what the Swastika was and why it shouldn't be drawn on anything. I started to think that it was because of my foreign education, but I discarded that idea quickly. I knew what the Swastika was before I was 9. I saw a war documentary I was forbidden to see, and I read a few books set during the second world war like the Diary of Anne Frank and Goodnight Mr. Tom. Goodnight Mr. Tom ensured that I would never again think of war with laughter and delight at the physicality and newness of doing someone else in. I despaired a little that day. It actually really upset me that that dolt didn't know what he was doing. I am tired. At the time I thought, "And this is a graduate?" But now all I've got in me is a shrug. Nigerians do stupid shit all the time. 

Not very happy right now,

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