Studio of Modé presents Collection 2014: The Most Interesting Skins and Hard Cases I've ever seen.

With regards this blurb, I could share the pictures with you and that would enough. There are pictures that do not require words to explain them. Such are the pictures from this look book of sorts. It's a collection of skins and hard cases for the devices that have become such fundamental parts of our modern existence; the macbook pros and the macbook airs, and the Samsung galaxies and the iPhones, and the iPads, and the iPad minis.

The images were shot by Toyosi Faridah Kekere-Ekun who seems to be making great strides as a fashion photographer. Her first solo exhibition, Induction, opened at the Omenka gallery (number 24 Ikoyi Crescent) and will run until the 7th of March.. If you would love to go, but you'd hate to go alone, then hit me up. I could always do with the company, and you could always do with more of me. Her understanding of negative space leaves nothing to be desired. 

You may purchase them online here:

And they are stocked at Terra Culture as well.

While all of that is true, you'd do well to visit their website:

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