Hanging Backstage with Vimbai at the AMVCA rehearsals yesterday

OH MY GOD! You guys! Sorry about that. I'm channeling my inner white girl. And it isn't just any white girl, because believe it or not all white girls are not the same. Some are whiter than others. I don't know what I'm on about. Pay no attention to the beginning of this. I have a problem with beginnings. Nature abhors a vacuum so I just word chunder, you know? 

So, by now, all of you should know what I've been doing this week. In addition to holding down a day job, blogging on bellanaija, writing for a bunch of other people, I've been hanging with Vimbai. I've seen so much of Vimbai, that I'm thinking of writing a book called my week with Vimbai. 

It's been great fun, I can tell you that for free. I don't know why I used that expression, everything I tell you is for free. Anyway, it's been great fun so far. I've met so many people, and we've generally just had a blast! I'll be heading back to the secret but not so secret venue immediately after I finish this blogpost. 

Anyway, here are some shots of Vimbai through out the day. I think I need to take more selfies and pictures with her. What do you reckon?


Anyway, here are some shots of Vimbai at the rehearsals for the live show yesterday (Friday)
I adore this shot. I really do. It's unobvious and genuine. It's so endearing that I can feel my heart floating off to Vimbai's hotel room.

Here we've got lots of famous people and Vimbai. Vimbai is the most important one there, because she's the only one there that's scratched my back you know? She's brilliant! Whoop! Get in the mood people. Are you in the mood? Are you ? Are you? Are you? The other people in the shot are... Ozzy, Gbenro, Gideon, Ebuka, Jocelyn and ... I'm still pretty new, and I haven;t got a lot of time, so forgive me. You will won't you? Ozzy's actually a pretty stand up dude, even though he does have the tendency to be way too smooth on camera. He's a smooth operator... A smooth operator... HWe had a great chat last night. i think he may have been rehearsing for some future role because I sensed that he was actory acting. Or maybe that's just me. Don't trust my judgement. I'm not not insane.

How happy they all look. I cannot understand why anyone would want to get into a group shot with both Denrele and Vimbai. Sorry chaps, I'm kind of super not looking at you right now. Because I only have eyes for tha Vimbai. She so pretty! This must be getting overbearing, but you shall all bear me because I am Afam, and I am great. 

Vimbai and Uti must be really good friends. Hmmm. 

That's them again. I like the casual thing she's got going on. very chilled, and none stressy.

And he turns to the camera. I think he's tired of me. Is Uti Tired of me? I shall see tonight!! 

Thank you God, and sweet Baby Jesus for allowing me to get this shot of Vimbai. Her smile, her teeth. Vimbai, please cut your hair and wear yellow. Please? Pretty please? Pleasest?

And another one. Gurr was just giving me life. 

And that's all folks. Today and tomorrow will be AMVCA content deep. I will conquer the Instagram, the blogosphere, and Twitter, because I am Afam, and I am Legend.

Peace out!!

Happy Days,


Anonymous said...

i could never tell you who i am..maybe one day i will..if we meet again haha but i DIE FOR YOUR BLOG! hahahaha it genuinely cheers me up whenever I'm on it.. your comments are the best. your pictures are hilarious! dudeeee keep it up :D

Anonymous said...

You Abnormally Abnormal pickin......one of life's unexplainable mysteries!! You and I should def shoot a skit r som'in sometime! And thnx for helping my career...I saw my pic up there too! You know who already....Winsh!! Horror Film**

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