I hopped on a danfo, then I met Vimbai again and got a new gig

Hi GUYS!!!!!! I'm totes excited today. That's why the greeting is so enthusiastic. Enthusiasm is a great thing. I shall never ever curb my enthusiasm. That last sentence gave me the giggles. There's this American television show called curb your enthusiasm, so it was fun to stick it in. I told you about that because there's no fun in making a reference and letting it fly over the heads of the masses.

Things have been a little bit difficult lately in Nigeria and Lagos lately. The difficulty isn't anything new though. Everyday here is a hustle. Come rain or sunshine Lagos will go on. That's why this fuel scarcity is so annoying. In any other city in the world, if there was a fuel scarcity, people would stay home and sleep. But in Lagos, we hobble on. We complain about it, but we don't stop.

In other news, I haven't been sleeping very well. Papa Afam is on a war path and his path has got my name on it. The reason for this is Papa Afam's selective hearing.

Enter Papa Afam and Afam…  (You can call me Bewbew too)

Papa Afam: So Afam, my dear chap, what is it that you want to do for a living? You can't let the year go to waste you know?

Afam: Well father, jewel of my heart, proverbial god of small things, I want to continue with the writing and the blog. I'm rather good at it. It would be great to see where it takes me.

Papa Afam: You've always been interested in Development. You should work with the government. The government's doing great things. Yes!

Afam: Say what?

Papa Afam: What is it Afam? Are you not interested in Development?

Afam; Yes but?

Papa Afam: That's everything settled then. Maybe after a long illustrious career as a government man you'll write a book about it.

Afam: But dad!

Papa Afam: Yes! call this fellow, and that fellow. They'll be your mentors.

Exit. Stage left.

So I'm not quite in the department he had in mind, and he's worried that I am wasting the year. So I'm worried that I'm wasting the year. I suppose I should have fought harder to be in the department he had in mind, but I've only got so much fight left to spare... I shall try harder. I shall try harder tomorrow. He's old and he's wise. He knows what he's going on about. We'll be alright. I know we will.

That was a digression and a half.

Anyway, because of the fuel scarcity I didn't have any petrol yesterday but I still had to get around. Can you imagine the quagmire I was in. I'm an ajebo, a spoiled brat. I don't use public transport. I find taxis detestable. I had to google maps my way to the Ikeja Local Government office for Community Development. If I was in Papa Afam's good books, I'd have said, "Papa Afam, please can you lend me your car and driver?" and he might have said yes. But as I'm quite firmly in the black, and the thing I had to get to was a blog related meeting with Vimbai Mutinhinri, I shut my damn mouth and hopped on a danfo. Can you believe it? Me, Afam, the decadent, on one of these?

picture nicked from naij.com

What? What? You don't believe me?

I took pictures.

That nike hat's my new favourite hat. Yay me. It's just a phase. I'll return to my modern fisherman of the city ways soon enough. It really wasn't that bad. I didn't get robbed or anything. I'll probably have to do it again, and I don't mind. I was a little bit scared, and the peeps in the bus could have done with some industrial grade air freshener but apart from that everything was alrighty. 

And that's the Lekki Phase 1 round about. The bus driver was like, "Get ready, pop it, let's go." And I screamed, "Enter Galactic you and me baby!!!"

One more shot of the Danfo. 

So why was I meeting up with Vimbai, the host of the Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards, the Cohost of Star Gist, and the ex big brother housemate? Well, it's a partnership. I'll be bringing you the behind the scenes and on the scene action during the build up to the Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards (basically the African Oscars u kno? u kno?) from Vimbai's point of view! How awesome is that? I'm so excited I can't handle it!! I just can't. I may even get to meet Desmond Elliot. If I meet Desmond Elliot I shall spontaneously combust and die.

Desmond Elliot is a Nollywood star. He is second to none. Do not even argue with me. I'll slap you through the internet. #internetslaps. 

I first met Vimbai at the Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards Nominations Party, and she's kind of fun, kind of quirky, super good at her job, and great! Yes, I mean that. I would say the same thing in court.

This is how she looked on the night that we met. She's lovely is she not? Lady in red… you know the rest of the song. 
Anyway, this is how she looked Yesterday…

I like this picture. Before I took it, I said to her, "you know I'm gonna have to get dat pisho right?" And then she burst into laughter and said, "You are a great man!" After looking to the heavens while the sunlight kissed my neither dark skinned nor light skinned skin I said, "I know V… I know..."
The End.

Happy Days,


bobby Ezidi said...

Danfo!! I dread dt thing eeh.. Scary stuff.. We need proper public transports in dis country..

Simply bellz said...

lol your dad is funny.. his way or his way situation. sigh back in 08/07 I could only use the buses in benin city..I was too scared of riding those motor bikes sigh..

WellUninspired said...

And I thought I was the only one who used google maps once Eko bridge is crossed ...

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