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Every once in a while, I find something that I'm so excited about that I can't keep my shit together and I don't mean that literally. I was going to say that I meant it literally but you don't need the imagery and I'm turning 24 soon. I've got to behave myself. A 24 year old that can't keep his shit together is like a 7 year old dog that can't sit on command, a mistake that's gone on for too long. I am Afam am not a mistake. Mama Afam and Papa Afam told me that explicitly. You're probably wondering what it is that's got my tummy rumbling and my heart beating like it's fit to burst. I'll put you out of your misery.
The folks at Mahabis have redesigned the slipper. I know it looks like a pair of plimsolls but they really aren't. They've got a breathable top layer that won't let your feet get too warm, and the back of them's collapsable so you won't have to fight them off your feet. Even more exciting is the fact that Mahabis has created the world's first detachable sole. The rubber sole comes in a range of colours so the slippers are extremely customisable. I've been playing with the possible colour combos on their website for the past half hour. What can I say? I'll procrastinate with nearly anything!

I have to say, the grey's the only detachable sole I'm not crazy about. Why wear grey when you can wear  yellow, and tangerine, and light blue, and teal? 

I'm not messing with you. These aren't pictures of different slippers. They come with a selection of colours!!

They aren't out yet, but they will be soon. You can reserve a pair on their website, and they'll be in stores before too long. 

I was so stoked that I ran into the garden and ghosted. 

What do I mean by ghosting?



And we out!

Happy Days,


Anonymous said...


Pray tell, who was saddled with taking the pictures while you ghosted?

Ify said...

Lol.. Reminds me of rentaghost!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Afam please post something!

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