Because seeing Mafikizolo perform will not make my life (The Road to the Mama's party... I left early)

 The other day I got a message from one of my friends from Chelters, Ogilvy. You remember him don't you? He's the one who's ridiculously unlucky in love. We write ourselves letters, and I put them on the blog. I know it's a little bit exploitative but he doesn't mind, so I don't feel too bad about it. In the message, he asked me for my address. Now, Ogilvy lives in London, and I live in Lagos, the very notion of him sending anything to me via post is ridiculous. I don't fancy reading anything intended for now in Christmas. I assumed that Ogilvy must be getting married, because it's exactly like marriage to demand that all invitations be sent physically. I shall find out and let you know, and you will all care because I am Afam and I am worth caring about.

Empty Stage :-(
Tonight I went to an MTV Base party. It was one of the road to the MTV Base Africa Music Awards things. Now, you cannot be surprised that I get invited to these things. It's really no great achievement. I managed to get on to the Black House Media mailing list sometime last year, so I get invitations to all the events that they manage. I know that's all very well and good, but these things aren't fun when you're riding solo. The schedule for the event was Press Conference at 6pm, Red Carpet at 7pm and Concert at 8pm. Bullshit. When I got there at past ten, the Red Carpet was still happening and concert that was meant to have started two hours before was deader than a door knob (to be honest it hadn't started yet). I grabbed a drink, met Shine of Cool Fm and went home. Meeting Shine was a good thing because she's going to put me on her radio show on Cool Fm on Sunday. Onward and Upward eh? After I got the radio session, I walked out and went home. All I'll say about the experience is guys if you're inviting me somewhere as the Editor in Chief of the Ramblings of a Madman by Afam, then don't let it be shitty. I'm not a PR machine. I don't put out Press Releases. I'll talk about my experience at the thing you invited me to, as I experienced it. About the event, I'm not going to wait for four hours to see Mafikizolo perform. Yes, seeing Mafikizolo perform at two will not make my life. I'm struggling to understand the deal because this is what it was:

  • Show up at Federal Palace Hotel.
  • Pay for parking (Two hundred Naira per hour)
  • Park on grass which leads to you wearing your very good Russel and Bromley tasseled loafers through shin high weeds.
  • Hustle with PR people for ticket/invitation
  • Walk inside marquee only to find that it is rather empty and that DJ is playing not very awesome music. 
  • Head to bar only to find that it is a cash bar. 
  • Reward: Pictures of Mafikizolo, Tiwa Savage and Davido? 
  • I suppose I could have gone with the DSLR and done a full event coverage thing but I'm sorry, I cannot spend 8-10 hours running about like a madman for a mere party. I can't! 
Can you see why I went home now? I take my welfare very seriously. I do not suffer for peanuts. I'm not even talking about money here. I enjoy blogging and taking pictures so a lot of what I do is paid with the satisfaction I derive from doing it. If I spent up to an hour at the thingy, I would have made a utility loss, so I cut my losses and went home to blog about it. 

Thanks but no thanks. 

Happy Days, 

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