Behind the Scenes of Africa Fashion Week Nigeria: "Am I an 'up and comer'?

Two times in one day! I can't believe it. Anyway, somethings come up. A few weeks ago, I heard of this thing called Africa Fashion Week Nigeria. I'm generally interested in these things so I dropped them an email a little while later. There was no reply. I didn't mind this, because I don't want to be in my inbox right now, things are dying there.

Now that I'm normal again, I'll sort it out. Best Believe That. I'm Afam, I am Legend, I am epic, I am fantastic, I am a winner, and there's tiger blood in my veins. 

I sent another email yesterday - that is yesterday the sixteenth of May 2014 - but there was no reply. I wasn't going to let myself be stressed. This morning after Church, and without taking a shower first, I went down there and got my press pass. I mean I'm Afam, there was no way I wasn't going to get a press pass. Before it was given to me, I was treated to this talk about how Africa Fashion Week Nigeria is all about helping the up and coming people in the world - yes, they're basically an underdog charity- and that got me thinking about whether or not I am an 'up and comer'.

The answer is yes, but at the same time it's no. There are three sides to this.

Am I where I want to end up? - No. Not even close. I'm on my way I think, but I could definitely be further along. So I am an up and comer who's still at the start of the race.

Am I good enough to be where I want to end up? - On a very very very very good once in a blue moon day I am. On a normal day I'm not. That's why learning is essential.

However it must be said that these things are location specific. Have you read a Nigerian magazine lately? I read one the other day and I very nearly died. And the article I read wasn't some 300 word thing tucked away in a corner, it was the COVER INTERVIEW!! I never said I wanted to be a local champion. And you don't read the good old, dear old blog and die of anything but laughter so... 

Anyway, here are a few behind the scenes shots from Africa Fashion Week Nigeria:

This is me doing the I GOT MY PRESS PASS, but you didn't shot. MWahahahahahahahahahaha. Afam for the win. afam will not let anyone else get ahead of him. Afam on the job. VICTORY.

Me and Makida. Makida isn't walking in Africa Fashion Week Nigeria... maybe she isn't up and coming... 
I love this models face. I can't wait to slap a filter on it. It'll be like make up, but better. I have to remember to ask her for her name when next I see her. She is a thing of beauty. big eyes, bald head and pouty lips. 

I took this at 12:45. The show's supposed to start at 1... I don't think it started at one. I'll find out when I return to the location. 

This is the mango citrus smoothie I'm drinking as I write this. DEATH to all disease causing free radicals. 

And these speak for themselves. These are the t-shirts that the interns are wearing. I think I need an intern. No I know I need an intern. And no I will not pay jack shit. Because interns are slaves of the new world. 

Of course it is lovely that they want our girls back too. Bring back our girls ye basterds!!!

Models chilling. Interesting threads. I was going to say interesting hair, but is it still hair when there's more thread than hair?

It's kind of filthy no? 

I've got to remember to take my tripod. Adios people!! 
Happy Days,

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