On the Emmy Collins Summer 15 Timeless collection

Since I'm in a fashion mood, I might as well exhaust myself. I was trawling through One Nigerian Boy earlier tonight when I came across an article on Emmy Collins' new collection. I looked at the pieces and my mind came up with words to describe how I felt about them. Of course I could have ignored the impulse, but why should I waste good words?

I am not currently a fan of tailored pieces. It's not that I don't have them, and it's not that I don't buy them, it's just that these things are so basic that any deviation from the classic form immediately strikes me as unwearable. Menswear is difficult because it's all about the tailoring and the fit. Also, the market for men's staples is saturated beyond belief. There are so many retailers that provide good quality basics at affordable prices that the more expensive brands who haven't got names that are as popular suffer for it.

I'm not very familiar with the Emmy Collins brand but after a quick visit to his online store, I can say that his clients are men who love structured traditional menswear pieces with a dash of the dandy. His short sleeve shirts are simpler than his long sleeved shirts and so it is no surprise that those are the ones I prefer. Several of the shirts on offer are embellished to the point of garishness, and this is not a look a subscribe to, but I have seen several men here (mostly Ibo men) who might. And with that said, I shall move on to his look book.

I like it. I like it a lot. There is restraint. The blazer in the first picture fits impeccably, and this is important because even if you aren't going to be wearing the blazer that the model is wearing in the photograph, you want to be able to know that your designer can fit a suit. An ill fitting blazer in a look book is the worst advertisement in the world. The only thing I violently dislike here is the waist coat. My dislike for the waistcoat is as a result of my sudden attack of that waist coat didn't need that extra pocket illness. I'm sure it will abate if the pocket is removed. I like the trousers with buttons across the pockets, but I do not understand why none of them were shown properly. They look like they'd be even better than the shirts.

I don't think I need to say any more, and I've only said all of this because when work is done, it needs to be graded properly. Things need to be explained, and reasons need to be given. Press releases don't do enough, and neither does lying. If I were excited about everything, then what good would my opinion be? My lenses may be miopic, and astigmatic, but they're the only ones I've got, and so I suppose they'll have to do.

Happy Days,

ps. It isn't timeless. Timeless is a well made white shirt, and I don't see any here.

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Anonymous said...

'but I have seen several men here (mostly Ibo men) who might' BUHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! He blogs here http://diarybyemmy.com/


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