The time I rushed a blogpost (Lazy Afam) (Great Pictures) (Rebahia at Poosh)

The faithful famzers among you will undoubtedly remember that a few weeks ago I attended the launch of minimal dreams by Re Bahia at Poosh. The bulk of you won't remember because you are faithless. How could you desert me? Have you seen my views? They are so terrible that if I dwell of them for very long I shall suffer another nervous breakdown, and then I shall be the mad madman Afam, and I can't have that. Don't feel guilty, I've already forgiven you.

Blogging about this one was tricky. You see, I can't promote Poosh because there's no such thing as a free lunch in life, but I want to talk about Re Bahia and they're stocked at Poosh. Why do I want to talk about Re Bahia? Well, back when I was in uni, I had the biggest crush on the creative director, Orire. Everytime I saw her in the library I would gravitate towards her. I was hers for emotional expenditure, but she didn't use me. I don't have a crush on her anymore, but I'd be lying if I didn't admit to having a little bit of a sweet spot when it comes to her. She sent me the following invitation:

The vast majority of you may not remember her minimal dreams collection because she showed it at Lagos Fashion and Design Week last year. Here's a quick reminder.

I love how clean and soft the pieces from minimal dreams are. There's an ease to them that I feel will speak to a wide range of women. I also like that the clothes are only as modest as you want them to be. The designs themselves may not be that ground breaking, but, the brand provides staples that the modern wardrobe should not be without.  I've got shots of the clothes as they walked down the runway, but they aren't very good, and my mac's being fixed, so you shan't see them just yet. 

Anyway, let's get on to the who was there and the what the what happened while they were there. 
Here we've got Teni Sagoe, and Ore Runsewe who're both wearing Clan. I think I managed to catch them at a good time. The wind is doing good things to Teni's hair, and that's always good. All the hair on her head's hers, and that's even better. Ore's a naturalista sister  and that's great. With the recent natural hair and anti weave movement, I'm thinking that in the next twenty years, the vast majority of black women will be carrying hair that's completely theirs, and that makes me happy. They both look nice don't they. 
Do you remember Feyi? She's got such great skin hasn't she? The day she bleaches will be the day I marry a goat. I wouldn't not like to marry a goat, so Feyi please don't bleach. The shawty next to her is Aisha. They were both working with the Stylehq at the time, and they were taking over the poosh hashtag. I let them have it. I can't fight everyone. And the Ramblings of a Madman is a boutique service. You can't rush me. 

I chose this one because of Feyi. I keep going on about her skin, but I only do it because it's true. Black really is beautiful. 

Denola (aka Handsome dude) and Makida. He was trying to hide from me but I warned him seriously. I said, "Please. Please. Don't let me knock you out with this camera." Okay that didn't happen. I was trying to make something up, but it wasn't working out. They'd make a ridiculous couple don't you think. I'd be skiing off their children's cheekbones. #childabuse

My sweedest girl Onyinye, and Dozie, whose name I couldn't remember on the day. It's the worst thing when you're talking to someone and you can't remember what they're called. People who come up to you, expect to be introduced to the person you're hanging with and all you can say is, "introduce yourselves." #oluwaisinvolved

And this is Kecy, who writes as well. He's been on bellanaija a few times. I technically don't really like other writers. I get super competitive when it comes to this. If you write something great I'll take it personally. I'll congratulate you for it, but I'll go in on myself for a week and a half. It's important that I get better you know? I can't stay in a rut. 

The only new person in this photograph is Ayodeji Rotinwa. He aii. Lok at me being all American and stuff. Clap for me. Clap for me I say you bloody maggots. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha. I am the King of the world. Forgive that aside. I said forgive. Forgiveness makes you better looking. They look like they were having a stellar time don't they? Must have been the Champagne. 

Ian? Why now? Ian is the only one in the photo that isn't in the photo. He's a designer and his stuff is great. He's got an incredible eye. I don't think I've said that about anyone I've blogged about. I am so impressed by his lookbook. The quality of the work is evident in the images. I look forward to a closer inspection of the clothes. Ian, are you gerring me? 

Clap for me. Clap for me I say. It's a classic. 

And this right here is Lisa of Jewel by Lisa's shoe game. Her shoe game is deep. 

Zara Okpara's bag... nice, nice... I don't knead to say much. Yes knead. Yes. Shut up. I've got to keep myself entertained. 
The wizardry is in the detail. It's conservative, and it's clean. #rebahia for the win. 

These shoes were on SATC. Na Afam Spot am. When I say that people in Lagos are moneyed, don't look at me like I don't know what I'm talking about.  

This one makes me smile a lazy smile. It's so hopelessly sweet. It's like too sweet cake. I love too sweet cake. I'm sorry Papa Afam is lecturing about his conspiracy theory on the popularity of some anti malaria drugs in the market. Yes, where was I? I think they look lovely. She's especially romantic in this soft as down gown. I think it's chiffon. I think it's silk chiffon, but I can't say for sure. Orire, help a brutha out. 

Not every picture got a paragraph beneath it, and I didn't hate anything. After picking up my hatchet and attacking people at random, I've decided to put it back in its box. No dollar no hatchet. And not on the Ramblings of a Madman. I'll do it for your magazine, or your website or sommat like that. Later Famzers.

Happy Days,


Anonymous said...

'Awon cool people' !!! Nice!!! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!! Afam Strawhat is back!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :) :)

Tweeny Tee

Ginikachi Eloka said...

Love that portrait of Makida. She and Aisha always look so good.

And I like your blog. I think I've mentioned it before...not so sure. Oh well,

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