Warby Parker, Karlie Kloss, and Afam: Haskell I love you.

Hello people,

How's it going?

Today's going pretty well for me. I've laughed a lot. It's always good to laugh. Now, I've got to say something profoundly profound about laughter. It's a trick we bloggers/writers use all the time. If I were to start talking about beauty, I'd probably start of like this. I've heard it said that the 21st century has imposed a standard of beauty that is all but impossible, but I don't believe this. There's more to beauty than white teeth, sharp cheek bones, and symmetrical features. There is beauty in the sky, and the moon, and most smiles. The thing that makes a smile beautiful isn't the pearly teeth but the glimmer of genuine emotion that flashes across a face as its lips part. There is beauty in the neediness of Sam Smith, there is beauty in the smirk of Karlie Kloss and there is beauty in the common tragedy that life is. But, all of these things are things I find beautiful. Beauty is personal. Your eyes are yours and yours alone. Laughter is delightful because of the complete detachment that comes with it. When you laugh your head is clear. Laughter suspends reality for a heartbeat, and sometimes that's all you need.
I think a change of tone is necessary now. You may not know this about me, but I wear glasses. Sometimes, I love the fact that I'm bespectacled, and sometimes, I'm a little insecure about it. When I met G, University Crush number 3, I had my contacts in. It looked like things were going well, but we'd only just met so I was a little worried. When we went out on our first date I didn't want her to suddenly meet the bespectacled me and think, "I must have been drunker than I thought." Obviously, I'm not as insecure as I was then, life is far too short for that.

Getting a new pair of glasses can be a beastly experience. They're just so expensive! You can't scrimp on glasses because you wear them everyday. And even if you aren't fussed about how your frames frame your face, depending on your prescription, your lenses could be twice, or thrice as much as the frames themselves, so when I heard about Warby Parker I was very pleased indeed.

Warby Parker is a company that provides frames and lenses that don't leave your wallet skinny. In their words,

"Warby Parker was founded with a rebellious spirit and a lofty objective: to offer designer eyewear at a revolutionary price, while leading the way for socially conscious businesses."

And they've achieved this. You can get a pair of glasses with anti reflective prescription lenses for $95 and the frames are better than many so called designer frames. I'm not joking. Go give them a look see. They're also really keen on solving the seeing problems of the world. For every pair of glasses sold, they give a pair to someone in need. They've given a million pairs of glasses so far, and according to their estimates, the economic impact of this is $200,000,000. I believe it. Somewhere out there, there's a farmer who's killed off a couple of his prized crops because he couldn't see that they weren't weeds, and there's a child that'll change the world if he gets to see the blackboard in his/her classroom. 
Anyway, Warby Parker have come up with a range of frames and sunshades for the summer that I really like. They even got Karly Kloss to design a couple of them. Each sale from the Karlie range will benefit a charity that's really dear to Karlie - Edible schoolyard NYC. They provide kitchens and gardens to low-income public schools, giving the students the tools to develop lifelong healthy habits. 

The shades are stunning, and they're stunning on her. They're also unisex, which I think is great. Androgyny is kind of wicked isn't it? 
Meet the Julias

I don't want to say anymore because when you praise something a little superfluously you come across as dishonest, or you'll start to think that they promised me something, and they didn't. I guess this is what they call vision capital. If your vision is great, you'll meet someone, or someone will meet you, and then they won't be able to shut up about you. I don't think I'll be able to shut up about them. #sorrynotsorry
Meet the Claras

Because I don't want to say anymore words, here are pictures. What's that? I've already used up all of the pictures? You don't mean it. I'm sorry, I didn't realise. Let's call it Afam product placement shall we? 

I kid. Even though the frames are all great, there are three of them that I love. They're all named Haskell and they're perfect.

Yes! These three. They're me, and I'm sure that if you go through their website, you'll find you too.

 Happy Days,

ps. The frames, I'm wearing in the photo aren't Warby Parker frames. #justsaying

ps. Haskell call me.

psss. Haskell I love you

pssssss. Haskell I want to have your babies.

psssssss. Sorry to get your hopes up Haskell, I can't have babies. I have a penis.

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