Notes on stuff and the Maki Oh This Side Up exhibition featuring Temi Dollface.

This one is tricky because I'm not that excited. That not to say that I'm not excited, it's just to say that I'm not crazy with it. I've got pictures for days, but, I can't seem to turn them into whole well rounded bits of content as often as I'd like. So today, I'm clearing out the backlog, and while I'm at it, I'll come clean about the entire blog as well. I love it, but it's got so many problems! I mean the damn thing is virtually unmonetizable, and this is apparently quite bad, so I'll be starting another one, I think. Maybe I'll shift some of the stuff on here to there, but I'd like it to be different. Anyone with eyes to read can tell that I'm not the same guy that I was when the blog first started. I think I'm a better writer, but I'm definitely not as bold as I once was. I mean, Tiwa Savage blocked me on Instagram for that Wanted article I wrote that time and that's saying something. I thought that I was being fair, but she obviously disagreed with me. I don't mind this really. I'm just a poor lowly Afam so when someone as famous as Tiwa is decides that you should be banned from viewing her heavenly pixellated visage, it's a pretty big deal. Me and my couple of thousand followers/readers (I'm not sure how many the lot of you are, but I'm grateful. You've blown my mind. Half of it is my work; my blood; my effort. But the rest of it is all you, my famzers, who both freak me out and delight me in equal measure) will dance around your burning pillar of scorn. Don't feel bad, it's the way of the world. I'm not above being salacious, or risque, and I'll do almost anything for an extra page view. Of course, this is tempered by my overbearing conscience, and my roving critical eye, that ignores typos and corrects malicious sentiments. No hard feelings eh!

Believe it or not this one isn't about Tiwa, and my dear Famzers you need not fear my desertion. I'll always be somewhere, some of my work will always be public. And I'll need time to build the new blog. I imagine that it will take at least another year. I can't have Papa Afam yelling at me because I've called myself a madman. I'm not ashamed of it, but I operate in this space between pleasing him and pleasing myself. It's a tricky space because it means that at the end of the day neither of us shall be quite happy with how I turn out. Of course you're expecting me to say, "to hell with that old man! I'm going to do what I want to do." But that would be a waste of time. Such things are easier said than done, and since I'm not prepared for that just quite yet, I'll save you the trouble.

Anyway this one is about Maki - Oh's exhibition, this side up. There isn't much to say about it other than her skill is masterful. I looked at the pictures and thought, "my God! There's so much work here" and that was pretty much it. I didn't really resonate with it. I thought the 20 or so images visually stimulating, but apart from that I was as dead as a bone inside. There was no lust, no passion, no sadness, only a profound sense of coolness for coolness sake. That's all there is to say about it really. Now, we should just bludgeon on ahead and talk about the people.

Here, and by here, I mean above, we've got Temi Dollface who I've become friends with. I quite like this picture. It isn't one that you'll usually see, but I think it charming.

 This guy right here, Chiba, is my neighbour. I met him one afternoon while I was lunching with Chef Fregz. He remarked that my dishevellery reminded him of Lakin Ogunbanwo. I was flattered. He is far too kind.

And here we've got Zara Okpara of Lisa Folawiyo (formerly known as Jewel by Lisa). She's always so gracious. We had a decent conversation even though I was smelly. I didn't shower that day because I was both hung over and late to work. In hind sight I should have showered. I hear that perfume, and body odour isn't fair on the nose, but when there's a job to be done, the only thing that matters is that it is, whether you smell foul or not. 

 This one is one of my favourites. She is stunning to me. Her name's Ada and I mean it when I say it's always a pleasure.
Here we've got Remi. She's wearing Rayo, and I have to say that I really liked it. It's flattering without being too revealing. It suits her. 

To be honest I prefer this shot of her, even though it's out of focus. 

More Temi Dollface. No, I don't know the people she's with. All I know is I was a wee bit obsessed with her that day. I took several pictures of her. She was so animated! Usually she's posing and that's fabulous, but I like her best when she isn't posing. You see her all the time at events all big eyed and doll pretty, but when she isn't on stage or on some red carpet or the other, she's really quite ordinary albeit in an interesting way. You lot should bear in mind that my idea of normal is skewed towards the weird.
Koch. I used to listen to him when he was on the beat 99 fm. He's nice enough, I think, but I didn't have eyes for him, which is fair enough. 

Temi and Maki. Maki doesn't like to be photographed so she gave me the fakest, most forced smile I've ever seen. I suppose we aren't familiar enough with one another yet. But this will probably change with time. Photographing people is tricky because you want to capture them as you see them, but they really only want to be captured as they'd like you to see them. I didn't find the balance with Maki, but I'm still alive, and so is she. There'll come a time when I'll take the shot to end all shots, and I'll never have to bother her with my canon again.

And here's another one. Sadly, I didn't take any more pictures that I'd like published. And, I don't think this blog post is funny. I'll do better next time.

Happy Days,

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