Because Juliet Ibrahim is of Mixed Descendant

Oh Lawd! 

This one's going to be one of my most self indulgent in a while. But first let's have a brief flashback shall we?

Back in 2013, I was even more mad than I am now, because I didn't care so much about consequences. I could say anything. When I realised that it was the same people I was chatting shit about that I would be looking for work from, I dialled it back a bit. You know how it is don't you? You can't call your future boss a flying nincompoop. If you do, all that cash money will never reach your bank account. But...

Butts are the stuff of life. There's always a butt. 

But... when the Genevieve magazine instagram account did what it did yesterday, I couldn't help but laugh myself to sleep. It was terrible. I was revelling in the night nurse high when I saw the gbammest gbosh I'd ever seen. Lawd... it was terrible. But before I continue, I need to tell you lot, what the what Genevieve Magazine is.

Genevieve Magazine is a Lagos, bigs boys and bigs girls magazine. It's quite large and it may just be profitable. Ah my afamzers and friends, it is very difficult for magazines to be profitable here. The owners often have extreme chop all the money syndrome, and adverts are slim and hard to come by. Also, employees are lazy, I don't mean to be a bitch, but have you ever been to the TW magazine website?

Anyway you look at it, it doesn't inspire confidence. Would it kill them to have a public email address for all of this stuff? I mean, really? You shouldn't have to go to the comments section of anything to be looking for the contact details of any magazine you'd like to advertise with. It's bonkers. It really is. What it says is that they're not really that interested in getting a slice of some of that good good cash money. So if someone said today that the TW profit margin was slim, I wouldn't be surprised. Guys clean up those comments, they are not doing you any favours. It's a blatant display of half assery and general slackitude.

And back to Genevieve. Yesterday they posted the following on instagram. 

How LOVELY!! Happy Birthday Juliet Ibrahim! Happy Birthday to you! But that's the worst happy birthday in the world. First of all they revealed her age, which isn't great, because now she'll never be able to turn 29 again when she turns 35, and then there's one other matter. 


Happy Days

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