Deep Sea Drilling of Human Beings.

There's more to blogging than sitting behind a laptop and typing. Do I do these things very well? No. No I do not. Anyway that's enough about that, I'm going to talk about what I've been doing lately. And no I'm not going to recap my week. It's been a slow week. It started strong but then the middle was a trip in meh land.

I've figured out that in order for me to live a life that isn't meh, and melancholy-ful. I've got to live in the present and stuff like that. I don't want to get too Eat Pray Love with all of this. There are only so many times you can talk about being high on the mystic pizza of life without people wanting to assassinate you. Don't you dislike ridiculously optimistic people? The people that say, "well, I just got fired so I had to start living under the bridge but everything's coming up roses because the sky is blue." It's alright to feel that way, but when you talk about it to anyone that's not part of your Alcoholics Anonymous group it's depressing and I'll tell you why.

We're selfish and competitive nasty little beasts. Happiness isn't enough. Money isn't enough. If someone's making more money than you and they rub it in your face you get unhappy. If someone's happier than you when they have less than you, it's downright loathsome because it makes you think about what might be wrong with you. And most of the time there isn't anything wrong with you but you. And the only thing that's worse than that, is that all the answers are trapped in that little pretty head of yours. It should be pretty little but little pretty sounds plenty good to me. You've got the answers. All you've really got to do is take a sip from the fountain of awesomeness that flows inside you. For some people it flows deep deep down down.  It flows so deep that they'll need a drill and a team of drillers, but that isn't impossible at all. We could all do with a good drilling every now and then.

This feels a bit random. I think I'll disappear now.

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