The Hunger Games - Mockingjay 2

When you read the Hunger Games series, you're reminded of the Twilight series because of the inherent love triangle. While Twilight never quite strays from its sugary beginnings, the Hunger Games becomes an entirely new beast by Mockingjay 2.

I wasn't exactly pleased when I learned that the trilogy would be split into four parts, but in the end I think it worked. Jennifer Lawrence is brilliant as Katniss. She carries her scenes almost effortlessly. Any movie fan will tell you that what she does isn't easy. I may not know much about acting but I have seen several others fail at what she seems to do so naturally.

She's magical isn't she? All she's doing in that GIF is walking. It isn't even a Naomi Campbell walk, but it's still rather riveting. It would probably be the greatest thing if she had her own reality television show.

 It would be fantastic if for once there was a reality tv show that about someone with an actual successful career. But that's enough about J-Law because believe it or not she isn't the only one in the movie.

Mockingjay also stars Julianne Moore who plays Alma Coin, the leader of the rebellion. She's one of the best things about the entire story because her character shows something that most films this nature don't. On the one hand Mocking Jay is nothing more than well dressed up audience bait, but on the other hand it's a well structured conversation about the power of propaganda and the duplicity of humanity. Alma Coin claims to be the liberator of Panem, but when push comes to shove she isn't a Liberator but a dictator. It's similar to when a country's leadership is overthrown by a coup d'etat and the new Junta is almost exactly the same as the old Junta. In this case, the only difference between Alma Coin and President Snow is that she has a vagina and he doesn't. 

And now we've got David Sutherland as President Snow.

A quick aside...

If I look half as good as he does at 80, I'll make like Kanye and toast the douchebags of the world. I mean look at that beard! He's essentially the fashionable combination of Gandalf and Dumbledore. #Goals.

Everything that he does in the film is great. I think my envy for his beard may have clouded my judgement a bit. It's been a month since I last shaved and my beard looks like patches of mould on a too long left out piece of bread.

Josh Hutcherson plays Peeta Mellark and he's fictional proof that the nice average looking guy is the one that ends up with the popular babe. However, before the nice guy makes his way out of the friendzone, he must do the following.
  • Try to kill her.
  • Insult her in a profoundly deep and meaningful way everytime he sees her. 
  • Kill at least one of her friends. 
  • Be mentally ill for at least a year. 
  • Show up for when she's in dire need of company - This bit of advice may actually work. If you adhere to the others, I all but guarantee that the odds won't be in your favour. 

Then you have Liam Hemsworth as Gale. He does a good job of being somber. Even when he smiles, he does it like he's grieving, and while that may sound bad, it's in keeping with the general tone of the movie. Kudos! His story made me glad. It said that we are not free from blame if we unknowingly hurt someone. This is something that I agree with.

The most note worthy scene in my opinion was the one depicted above. It both confused and delighted me. They said it was oil, but I didn't know what kind of oil it was. Crude oil? Bonny Light? All in all it made for very interesting viewing. I say grab a bag of pop corn, people get shot, and good and bad people go boom boom and then they say bye bye. One of the most interesting things about the series is that there was really no one in it that was entirely good or entirely bad. There is beauty in the murkiness of life.

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