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I was going to open this week's edition of the things on my mind, with the written equivalent of a monologue about Trump and Dasuki, the National Security Adviser to President Goodluck Jonathan.

The former is a bigot who thrives on hate speech and the latter is alleged to be a legendary icon of modern day corruption. Sahara Reporters claim that he transferred state funds of Seven Hundred and Fifty million Naira to Reliance Hospital for special prayers.

As the year draws to a close, I find myself looking for silver linings and little joys. It is not that Trump's drunken ramblings are unimportant, because that is anything but true. I wonder if he thinks of all the acts of hatred that his words have inspired. And then there's the Nigerian Government in general, all pretentious passion lacking in commitment or reason; willfully negligent of the lives they hold in their grasp. Do they realise that every moment they spend trying to pass Bills that will only contribute to our suppression and oppression somebody dies because of the things they could have done instead? The people shoulder the cost of their broken promises and live the nightmares of their broken dreams.

And that my friends, is enough of that.

The blog that I think you should read is the one below.

Notes on Summer Love: The Importance of Fried Plantain

I wrote it when the blog was a few months old. It'll lift your spirits. That, I guarantee.


In the land of the sounds there's one man that really did it for me this week. He's genreless. He's safe for work, and his enthusiasm is infectious. This week, I'm listening to Sunday Candy by Chance the Rapper, who made history by being the first Independent artiste to perform Saturday Night Live.


My film of the week is Sleeping With Other People. It is a rather good romantic comedy that stars Alison Brie (of Community fame) and Jason Sudeikis. It's a little bit risque, so don't take the kids if you have any, and be prepared for the odd joke about drugs or anal sex.


Louisa Johnson won the latest season of the UK version of the X Factor - Yay! One Direction have gone on an indefinite hiatus. I don't know how to feel about this, but there's a lot in me that's screaming YEEESSSS. If it's any consolation they literally just had their last television performance before the break. It too was on the X Factor.

Also if you're looking for a new television show to sink your teeth into then why not try Jessica Jones. It's a netflix one about a failed superhero who has severe PTSD. PTSD stands for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Now you won't be an embarrassment at any dinner party when you don't know what it means.

The Things That Made Me Laugh
This one's easy and doesn't need me to say much.

This article right here about how to troll cleverly

and this tweet:

The Thing That Made Me Awwww This Week

This letter to Nigeria is the sweetest thing you'll ever read about Nigeria. 

Thanks to me right? I am great right? I know. I know.

Closing Remarks:

This is the blog's third year. I cannot tell you how much it means to me that you read. I cannot thank you enough for helping me find a corner of the world that I fit into. I cannot thank you enough for the dream that you've given me.

There are days when I'm overwhelmed with anxiety about where this will lead. After three years I still can't tell where it is going. I know how many dreams end in fire and brimstone. I pray that this isn't one of them.

I can only ask that you keep reading, sharing and spreading the word. You never know where your links will land. 

Call to Action:


I'm collecting stories about real experiences during the Christmas Holidays in Lagos. I want your accounts of exciting nights spent at night clubs, events, or doing the more mundane and chilled things. Send anything you've got to afam.a.o@hotmail.com and it will appear on the blog.

Happy days,

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