Ferona or Die!! Favours are owed...

There comes a time in the life of every blogger (by every blogger I mean me), when he must write about something that he may not have written about otherwise. This is one of those times. Now this one isn't for blatant profiteering. It's for something a lot more valuable: the bonds of the friendship contract. This particular contract allows for the sharing of favours.

I send Obi a lot of my material before it sees the light of day and he gives his feedback at all hours of the day. Obi in turn demands that I send him all invitations and press passes that find their way into my inbox.

This one is about Ferona. Ferona's a couturier that's recently opened up shop in Lagos. Their shop's on Karimu Kotun in Victoria Island.

According to their website, they are renowned for relevant couture that offers versatility, function, and wearability.

 A handy thing if you ask me, a dress that only lives for a day is a waste of money. I'm an expert in the versatility of clothes. You can ask my 3 pairs of jeans, 15 shirts and four pairs of shoes about this. I'm sure they'll agree

The clothes look like this.
And have this sort of vibe

If I were ever in need of a dress I would probably look there.

This is a thing that could actually happen. There's nothing I won't do for a good costume party. I don't think my costume leanings will ever transition to a full blown lifestyle change but who knows? All I can say at this point is that I quite enjoy manliness and the fact that walking in high heeled shoes isn't a skill that I ever forsee being required of me.

Every piece they make is created using traditional haute couture embroidery techniques and extraordinary age old couture secrets. I don't know what those are, but they certainly do sound impressive. If my tailor ever said those words to me, my eyes would become starry, and I'll squeal like a pig while my wallet weeps tears of blood and sings, "You will never ever ever... Get out of debt."

What can I say, it's what happens when Champagne sensibilities meet Cider realities.

Happy Days,

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