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I'm thrilled to present the 90s Baby Radio Show, a fairly new weekly podcast series that I have nearly nothing to do with.

Ardent readers of the blog will remember Tosan Mac-Wilshire. When I met him I wrote the following:

" I was quite frankly astounded at the ferocity with which he transported his ample body up and down the arena. He was a sight to see. His moves brought tears to my eyes. I thought, "With moves like those who needs game? Here is a lad who will do well in the wild!" That was until that "your waist" song came on. He moved his waist rather abominably."

The DRB Lasgidi Adventure

 The show's hosted by Tosan and Juanita. It's a podcast that appears focus on the new school of African creatives. Subscribers get the privilege of listening to rather good interviews with the best of the Millennial Nigerian creative people. There's also something a little nostalgic about it. The 90s aren't coming back, but it's nice that there's a team committed to giving us weekly reminders about why the 90s were so great.

Like most podcasts that I like there is an ease to it that is refreshing. It may seem like your standard radio show, but it isn't. I too was deceived by the seemingly common format that it follows, until they asked one chap called Duks Arts the last time he had sex. My jaw dropped and my brain froze.

It was at that moment that I knew I had to become an avid supporter. If I support them hard enough, then they'll interview Tee Billz and ask random but well timed questions about his all too public meltdown. I can't trust anybody else with the task.

Brief side bar...
Tosan and Juanita, if you ever get Mr Tee of the Billz variety on your show please ask him the following questions

  • Who is edible catering?
  • What pills are you taking?
  • How often do you see your therapist?
  • What mental illness do you have?
My questions may seem incredibly bothersome, but they're necessary. We need to have more discussions about Mental Health in Nigeria, and there's no one better than the most public example of mental health issues to lead us in them. After Tiwa told the world how he practiced a certain type of disappearing magic on her money, it is unlikely that he'll find it easy to manage another musician. I believe that his next career move should be to become the face of mental health in Nigeria. 
In their first episode, they interview Boj.

For those of you who don't know who Boj is I'll tell you. Not very many years ago, there was a boy band called DRB. Boj is the Beyonce of DRB. I blogged about a song that they did here: What a Jam! - Selecta

Have a listen and tell me what you think: @Afam20.

Or better yet, tell them what you think: @tosanwilts and @elmo_knows

Subscribe on Soundcloud now because if you're only just reading this, it might be too late. Do that stitch in time. Save nine.

Happy Days,

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