Submarine and A Roach Episode 3: Open Day

Our friends, TMT and Kojo have delivered the third episode of their podcast, Submarine and A Roach. This episode is called Open Day and it's mostly about their school boy experiences in Nigeria. When you read that it sounds like a decent conversation but it isn't; not by a mile. My Monday morning brain was completely incapable of coping with it. At one point I squealed. This is intolerable. No adult should ever squeal before Gin O'Clock (5pm if you don't work in a slaver's Bay).

The Love Machine and the Boat had a casual beginning. TMT was called away to wash dishes. It is how he pays his parents for the privilege of running the household.

Shortly after that we learned that TMT's boss is a proud but recovered Sex Addict Pastor. As we all know this is a pastor that was a Sex Addict until he was saved by Jesus.

Then a quote from Kojo cracked the air like a clap of thunder. "The Nigerian education system turns you into a crackhead." It resonated with me. At 15 I was practically snorting paper, and injecting my veins with ink. I had all the maturity of a 7 year old but the academic education of a 17 year old. It is a thing that only a Nigerian can understand.

All of this happened in the first five minutes.

Because of the truly outrageous nature of the show, I have decided that I can no longer listen in as I have in the past, with a cup of coffee in the morning. I will now listen to them on Tuesday Nights, with a bottle of Chardonnay and a bag of sweet and salty popcorn.

Open Day is their best episode yet.

Happy Days,

Shout out to Geri! Please don't let her work too hard.

Also do feel free to give me a shout out. I work hard for the money.

This post has been edited fairly extensively. 

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