When the money gets in the way of you and your Tidal

Like 1.2 million of you, I joined Tidal a month ago so that I could listen to Beyonce's Lemonade as it was intended. I watched the hour long video, and then I played her album in its entirety repeatedly. It's been a month but there has not been a day when I didn't listen to Sorry and flip the finger.

For those of you who do not know what Tidal is I will tell you. Tidal's a music streaming service owned by Jay-Z's company, Project Panther. 

After I'd listened to Lemonade, I did not leave. I thought that I would leave before the 30 day free trial was over but now I'm not so sure. I depend on music far too much. Before Tidal, I relied on Soundcloud and Youtube, and before that I had my hard drives. Three laptops and several crashes later my once formidable collection has been reduced to nearly nothing. Tidal with its impressive sound quality, larger than expected database and curated playlists was like oxygen for my music deprived soul.

I cannot tell you why it is better than its competitors. It has been years since I thought to use spotify, and I am still a virgin when it comes to Apple Music. But Tidal has captured my heart. While it proves sufficient I will not seek another.

There is one niggling problem though, and that is the £9.99 subscription fee that's due on Monday. I do not believe in paying for things when there is a cheaper alternative. Apple Music now offers a student rate that costs half as much as Tidal does, and I won't even have to pay that immediately because the first 90 days are free.

It isn't good to let money get in the way of a blossoming relationship so I reached out to Tidal to ask for a discount. There is no shame in living within your means. If you can't keep your pennies close, then you have no hope of holding on to your pounds.

It is with a heavy heart that I bid the good people at Tidal goodnight and goodluck. It is unlikely that the @Afam20 twitter account will grace your service this year. But don't worry, I have 8 twitter accounts that you'll become aware of in time. To fail to take advantage of a good deal is to say no to life. I don't plan on saying no anytime soon. @Don_Quixote21 will be enjoying you next.

Happy Days,

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