October in Review: Find a way to move on.

Dear friends, enemies, and Afamzers, who we love dearly,

It is our greatest pleasure to announce ourselves, the first employees of troam by Afam. We dance in the forests of Lagos like flickering candles and run wild like the flower children of the 70s.

In a moment of complete sanity our resident madman realised that the only way he could cope with the work load of the blog was if he forked out some cash from his exceedingly paltry earnings and paid someone else to do the work. He doesn't pay much, but we cannot deny that the extra cash goes a long way.

Now that we've got that poor excuse of an introduction out of the way, we'll get on with the October review.

In life we must never forget to celebrate the good. If we do the world will be colourless and horrid. Eyes will not shine with glee, and beers will be shared with sighs and wailing. The good things, no matter how small, are our only respite from life's tyranny. So we'll take a moment to appreciate the good things that happened to the blog in October.

The blog was read a thousand more time than it was in September, a delightful development if there ever was one. Every view is like a kiss on the cheek from someone you hold dear. As we work to improve our consistency and quality we can only ask that you subscribe to our newsletter and share us with your friends every now and then. In fact, do it everyday if you can manage it. Any action that you take to see us grow would probably send us on a rocket-ship to Summer-land, the sunny place where hearts don't get broken and heads swim in the sky.

A great many things happened in October but nothing that we say or do can overcome our present realities. It is 10pm in a restaurant called Blowfish and if there are smiles, we can only look on in envy for it would mean that we look upon faces whose hearts did not bleed when they learned Donald Trump won the United State's presidential election.

We are filled with despair first for ourselves, brown as clay, Nigerian's who feel like the world just got a great deal smaller and infinitely more hostile and only because our hair's kinky, our lips are thick, and our passports are green. And we despair for Hillary, with all the feeling that mourners are known to display when they look at the coffins of their friends.

It is indescribably painful that we live knowing that the most powerful man in the world was elected on a mandate that implicitly supports racism, misogyny and fascism. It is heartbreaking that Hillary's 40 years of dedication, sacrifice, and service were not enough to defeat a selfish, lying, grotesque joke of a candidate who took up politics as a hobby a year ago. Our grief is palpable. It's almost physical. We hear speeches asking for unity, but the feelings the election stirred are not easily forgot. His victory smells a lot like our history, centuries of oppression, colonisation, and slavery.

For us at The Ramblings of a Madman by Afam, it feels like a break up because that's what it is. Be that as it may, the struggle for a kinder world does not stop with this loss. We must cherish the lessons learned and find a way to move on.

The Troam Team.

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