The Sense of an Ending

This is difficult to say, but something feels off. Maybe it’s that I expect too much. Maybe it’s that I contribute too little. Maybe it’s that I’ve let you down too many times. Or maybe our interests no longer align. Maybe it’s an ending and maybe it’s a beginning. Maybe it’s neither and I’m being paranoid. 
But if I don’t admit that there’s this thing I feel knowing full well that it might not actually exist, then I’ll have no way of understanding what’s going on. And maybe it would be better that way. But there is damage being done in the uncertainty and this is what I’d like to mitigate if I can. 

Or maybe all of this is for the best and speaking about it will only make it worse. The thing I most want to know is are you here or not here. But that I have to ask that at all is perhaps the only answer I need.

Happy Days,

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