What Makes a Dissertation Subject Strong?

No matter how beautifully you write, if your subject is weak, your dissertation will be poor. It is therefore essential that you consult your supervisor or tutor at the earliest stage for dissertation help.

A strong dissertation subject is well defined, has sufficient scope to address the key elements of the question, but is narrow enough to enable an in-depth examination and discussion of the issues. Furthermore, it must have a thesis from the start. That means you need to decide upon a question or problem to address.

best dissertation subject

Dissertation help at this stage is crucial. How can you turn a general interest into a strong dissertation subject? This partly depends on your knowledge and training: you must have sufficient background knowledge and research skills to address your topic and thesis using an appropriate methodology. In other words, when planning dissertations it is not the time to start delving into a completely new subject or experimenting with interdisciplinary work (unless your degree has been interdisciplinary). You need to be sure of your territory before setting yourself a challenge within it. So, choose a topic that you already know something about and that you have the academic or professional experience to examine. For example, a Bachelor of Education student interested in primary sector education might choose to research the subject literacy rates in UK primary schools but, as it stands, this lacks a thesis or question. ‘What are the literacy rates in UK primary schools?’ is a question, but still lacks a thesis or problem. A stronger subject would be the effects of early exposure to synthetic phonics on pupil literacy rates in UK primary schools or the influences of class size and teaching methods on literacy rates in UK primary schools. These are strong because they allow for scope and depth of research, but they also have clear parameters and have a thesis/question.

To summarize: a strong dissertation subject is not necessarily of current interest to the media, or a controversial theme and it does not need to be a totally new idea. It does need to have scope, depth and clear parameters. Most important of all, it must have a thesis at its heart.