The Realities of Fashion: The restrictions of station

Following my posts about Topman and H&M it may come as a surprise to you that I have not become a fashion commentator. I love clothes, so it is only natural that I blog about them no? My reasons for resisting the allure are as follows:
  • I love my Bank Account: Why put yourself through hours and hours of temptation. Chances are after three hours of checking out asos you'll find yourself buying a couple of items that you could do without. It is not financially viable.
  • It is impractical: Several of my peers wax lyrical about designers far beyond their allowances. They feel obliged to declare to the world that they don't like the Rodarte spring collection. They fail to consider that the clothes aren't targeted at them. So their opinion about the clothes is moot. If I ever blog about a $20,000 dollar suit, be rest assured that I am prepared to sell my kidneys for the suit (I would be the best dressed corpse in the history of the middle class).  It is important to note that if I were paid to wax lyrical about clothes far above my station then I shall get on with the task without much ado at all. For there are much worse ways to make a living.
  • I live out of my suitcase: As a get up and go individual everything I own that is of value can be placed into 2 suitcases and 4 boxes. So any item of clothing purchased puts another in the bin.
Happy Days


'Motunde Femi-Pearse said...

nice!...and funny...''best dressed corpse in the history of the middle class''

Afam said...

thunks Miss Femi-Pearse

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