We're growing!!

This is the post that'll explain the post that follows it. It seems that to obtain the press passes I'll need to cover the Music Meets Runway event on the 21st of December in Lagos, I'll have to post all the press releases and pictures they tell me to. At first I was upset. My blog is my space. I do not welcome people in it without thought. I guard it jealously. It is precious to me. In it are the hopes and dreams of a thousand. In it is my heart.

I got ahead of myself a little bit there. The bulk of you do not know what Music Meets Runway is. It's an event with fashion shows and music performances. This year's edition is dedicated to the icons in the Nigerian Fashion and Music Industries.

I was only upset for a second, because there is progress here. A year ago, I wouldn't have been considered for a press pass,soon they'll arrive in the post and I'll vet them like an elitist. I ask that you bear with me for a little bit. We're growing, we'll be great soon.

Happy Days,

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