Giddimint! Featuring the Festac Rebel T by Nchi

Aha! I haven't got a lot of this time for this one, but I've always been a little bit of a quickie specialist so no matter. Get your minds out of the gutter. I mean I can write a reasonably long blog in ten minutes no problem. It's the same way I can take a shit in public no problem (read about that one here). Now, let's pull the lever!

There's this website that's based in Nigeria that's really quite cool. They sell t-shirts, bags and hats  online and I think it's a pretty remarkable thing to do. I suppose it'd be less remarkable if the t-shirts, and bags, and hats were awful and hideous and rubbish, but the thing is they're not. In fact, they're the opposite.

That's the Festac rebel t-shirt by Nchi. And that's Denola wearing it. You remember him from fashion week and Music meets runway don't you? (here and here and here). I'm not surprised that he's here you know? I can't seem to avoid him not that I want to... but if I wanted to I don't think I could. It'll be just like trying to avoid Eku Edewor. Sigh. Anyway I really like the t-shirt. 

And here we have Makida wearing the ankara version of the t-shirt. It's pretty darn fabulous no? Makida's been on the blog once before. She's a great gyal.She's my instabitch. (here and here )

I really like this one too. It's a shame that the cut is so feminine, because if it wasn't I'd probably buy it. But when I think about it properly, I might anyway. It'll drape nicely. 
I like this hat too. It probably won't look as good on me, but that doesn't really matter. If the worst comes to the worst I'll put it on my mantlepiece. 

This made me laugh a bit. I love it when clothes have a sense of humour. 

So after procuring my first giddimint t-shirt, I decided to have a little fun with it. This is what happened...

Okay... Here I'm wearing a converse baseball hat, the Festac Rebel t-shirt by Nchi, Diesel jeans, Uniqlo Long Johns and Toms. The buttons on the jeans are for braces/suspenders and that's what makes them even cooler than the average pair of diesel jeans. It was at this point that I realised that I can't do what I do and be unfit. I don't want to have a good looking body, I want a body that can do anything I demand of it (anything within reason). After ten minutes of hanging upside down, my core was showing signs of giving up the ghost. Unacceptable. I'm starting the insanity tonight, and I've renewed my gym subscription at the Three Arms hotel gym in Ikoyi.
I can't remember where the shades are from but I think it might be Topshop. And the SUV I'm hanging off is my Grandma's Outlander. I drive it when she doesn't need it. 
So go on to Giddimint now, and get your uber cool slightly alternative sexy t-shirt, or hat or bag.

Happy Days,

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