The blog post about nothing and typos... Rhythm is a Dancer... Food is the enemy

Ah Pants! Pants is the world I use when I mean to say fuck, shit, or goddammit, but I don't use those words on the blog anymore because they're not professional. I hate that last sentence but I shan't delete it because deleting it, will taKE  away from the gunghoness of the blog. I want to delete that sentence too but I shan't. This is sad. I've written about a hundred words without saying ANYTHING. But no matter. Believe it or not - and I know it's fairly unbelievable - this blog is not about my inherent inability to hold on to a stream of thought. I think I might be schizophrenic. No, I'm kidding. I'm not schizophrenic. I just have a severely undisciplined mind. I'm not selling my market well here. Just remember to read my disclaimer at the bottom of the page before you confront me with any of this stuff okay? And my mind isn't undisciplined, it's CREATIVE. One day, when I was daylighting as an employee of Lagos state, my boss said, "But these creatives are not very creative!!!" I don't know what a creative is. I die when people refer to me as a creative. they go, "This is Afam, he is a creative." I'm sorry. What the Escudo ROjo is a creative? When did creative become a noun. I am Afam. I am a phenom. I am epic. I am a writer who cannot afford a photgrapher. I am a lover of life. I have seen the typographical error in photographer and I shall not correct it because, I'm not supposed to write and efit at the same time. 

Anyway, let's get on with it. The matter on the table today is quite a handsome matter. The matter on the table is handsome dude, Denola Grey. He released his website the other day, and I Afam, being incredibly kind and benevolent and nice, decided to do a blog about it. Unlike most of my other blogs, I shall show him this before I publish it, because I want it to be a nice blog. Sometimes, my idea of nice isn't really everyone else's idea of nice. I said that someone homeless and I meant it as a compliment. Looking homeless is derelict chic. I adore it's anti fashion leaqnings. Actually... I just decided that this blog won't be about Denola Grey after all. I shall talk about him some other time. This blog is going to be about this awesome fashion designer I discovered somehow. 

Now, you all know that I don't really rate fashion designers in Lagos. why? Please go on Bellanaija. Do it now. I don't mean to be shady, but, I've just trawled through the style section of that very, very popular Nigerian blog and I've seen a lookbook that I don't understand. If the model is finer than the clothes she's wearing then please, I'd much rather see her naked. That's the truth. Nudity is awesome. That's what I thought when I saw the Viva Le Resistance show at last years Lagos Fashion and Design week. Breasts, are beautiful, beautiful things, and if you as a designer decides to display them, then you best make them even better looking than they are already. Should that be already are? I think it should be already are. I think I need another dog. I've been missing captain Reginald lots. I don't run on the beach anymore. It's been three months and I'm still acting like I've been hit by a wrecking ball. 

Actually I don't want this blog to be about anything at all. It's just me at 11 pm thinking about a bunch of things. I want to sleep but I've got to live tweet the Russia vs Korea republic match. I hope it's epic, but I know it's going to be dull. I'm fairly happy you know? Life is good. I still work harder than well, and I still eat like food is the enemy. Food is the enemy. I miss dance classes. So you think you can dance is back. Rhythm is a dancer. And I'm nothing if not a madman. Adios suckers!!

Happy Days,

If this one becomes popular I'll streak.

I'm serious. 


Dawna said...

You've changed your header picture.. again looks great

Benjamin Abba-steve said...

A wise mad man I'd say....Afm inspires me....Did i miss an a in Afam? Anyway the Heading is about typo, DON'T BLAME ME

Benjamin Abba-steve said...

a wise madman i'd sy...Afm inspires me>>>Did i miss an "a" in Afam? awwww...not my fault, the heading"s about Typos

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