Ifeanyi Nnwune's Spring Summer 2015 collection and Other Stuff.

Yes. Right. I'm about to blog about this collection for The Sauvage, which I edit and ghost write for. What? I wanted to do something that wasn't all Afam and had some sort of professional thing about it, so I made it in August last year, pushed it for 2 months and forgot about it the moment I started working for Star Gist.

I've gone back to it now because Papa Afam and I had the most enlightening conversation the other day. It went a little like this.

Enter Papa Afam aka Freaking Killer Joe the Chairman of life (I'm not sure how I came up with that one but I came up with it. 1000 points for creativity and madness. Hurrah. Hurrah) and me, Afam, the celebrity apparent. The recognition thing has really really escalated. And it's weird because I've made it a point to not spend my every socialising moment hanging with social media peeps. It doesn't matter whether you believe it or not but the blog is a job. It's a job that I enjoy, but it's a job all the same. I will have business cards by the start of June. Hip Hip Hurrah. Where was I? Papa Afam and I had a conversation that went like this. 

Afam: Dad I've left Star Gist.

Papa Afam: I told you to leave there months ago! Finally! So where's the plan for your life? You are no longer young! You can't just be swaying left and right like a tree.

Afam: The plan is that I want a media empire.

Don't laugh. I'll kill you if you laugh. I don't know why it is that I enjoy doing this as much as I do. I am actually pretty darn happy when my thoughts fly off the top of my head without any filter at all! Not a lot makes me happy, but this, and you, always, always, always, picks me up. 

Papa Afam: Oh! Very good! So you have ambition... I'm actually pretty happy now. I was starting to think that I'd have to spend my old age working so that you wouldn't beg for bread.

Afam: Come on man! I'm not that bad.

Papa Afam: Of course not. Before you beg for bread, I'll kill you then I'll kill myself.

Afam: Haha! You crack the best jokes. I've got another job anyway. I'm going to be the online community manager of one brand like that.

Papa Afam: You are mad! See chap, it's either you focus on the blogging full time or you ditch it and go and work in a proper place.

Afam: You don't mean that do you?

Papa Afam: I'm serious. You can't keep carrying an elephant on top of your head and be bending down to eat ants. It doesn't make sense. Give me a business plan, and I'll be proud.

Afam: But what if I devote all my time to it, and I come back with nothing?

Papa Afam: If it's failure that you're scared of then go to your room and sleep, because you'll never ever accomplish anything if you're scared of failing at it.

So that is what happened. I don't know how else to explain it really.

And back to the matter at hand, Ifeanyi Nnwune's  SS15 capsule collection that he's called Timeless.

Well, it's certainly a very me collection, but to be perfectly honest with you I don't know why it was called Timeless, because there's nothing Timeless about it. You know how some people say, there are things that are here for a season? This collection for the most part is one of them. STAHP! This isn't even criticism. The clothes are the trendiest things! Will you be wearing them in 10 years? Probably not. The designer, Ifeanyi had something to say about it though. He said, "Being timeless simply means always being in vogue and not changing in fashion. This quality can only be achieved by a person with a mind of his own, a person who thinks in the box when every other person is trying to thinking outside the box, an individualist. I incorporated this idea in creating my S/S ’15 collection. With some female-looking silhouettes and some transparent pieces you can say the collection is a little risk-taking and can only be worn by a person with a mind of his own, a timeless person."

Yes. Yes. Yes. Very good. But I disagree completely. In my opinion being timeless in the context of fashion is wearing timeless pieces in a way that's completely unique. It isn't to be mistaken with being outlandish.

And now let's go on to my favourite part of it, the piece by piece analysis.
This is my very good friend, Onos. He is an amazing chap. The shawl that's hanging from his butt looks like it's attached to the shirt. I don't mind this, but it isn't timeless. It looks like something I'd wear, and as we afamzers know this isn't always a good thing. I do quite love the shirt. It hangs brilliantly. It hangs so well that you write off the stuff at the back as being quirky as opposed to being absolutely demented. I would like to see it from the back though. If the things at the back are attached well, I will think long and hard about buying it when my container gets off the high seas.

Not really a fan of the shawl when it's wrapped around like that, and the shoes are giving me feelings. They're giving me, but where is the shoe polish feelings. But, Onos looks great!

Ah! I really like this. I'm a long john, meggings type of guy, so this right here, is my jam. He's wearing a skirt, but it's a great skirt. It's tumblr cool. Again, it isn't timeless because skirts and meggings just can't be timeless. I do wonder that the top half of it won't do any wonders for my pot belly of adulthood, but it's sellable look.

These pictures are really doing wonders for Onos' groom price. I'll add N10,000 to it after this picture. My dog has come to kiss me. She's a lovely old thing. Excuse me while I go and get some old bitch vitamins for her will you? Back. This one is really nice and marketable. I can see some of my friends wearing this Niger Delta-ish high low shirt, but the white seams at the stripey bit are throwing me a little. It's a minor detail that should be ignored, but I'm very nitpicky about my clothes. I don't tend to change them very often so it'll annoy me in a year or two.

I like this look, but I would have liked it more if the trousers were high waisted. The jacket doesn't look very lux and this isn't the best thing in the world. Also what's up with those sleeves? The best thing about it is the shirt, which is lovely as long as it's long sleeved. It looks long sleeved but with everthing we've seen so far I can't trust him.

To comment or not to comment that is the question. It's a cool somtin and it shows the designers idea of timelessness off very well. The timeless someborri is a very unique and brave someborri. I do think that the red ninja shirt will look good on me, but I'm also fairly sure that I'll be disowned after I wear it. So it's either look cool, or be disowned. Oh dear!

This is nice. Yes! Get this one. You'll look cool, without people asking whether or not there's something wrong with you. The aim is to look awesome without being conspicuous and I think this does the job. Also let's talk about those tassled loafers. I want, I want.

Those skinny jeans are really really really skinny. I can see everything. The combination isn't the best. Great shirt, really skinny jeans, but they don't complement each other to the best effect. You're unlikely to get either.

The jacket is nice. It fits. It isn't terribly unique, but everyone needs that staple jacket. I'm enjoying that shirt though. I can't talk about the trousers. They're too progressive for me

I like all of this one. It's dark and slouchy, which is all you need when you're having a lazy day and you still want to look fashionable. The sweat pants are stretching it though. I can see Mama Afam's face as I write this. She isn't smiling with me.

And that's that. Feel free to disagree with me, club me, or insult me, but I'll remind you that this blog is called the ramblings of a madman.

In conclusion, I'll say, "good work man". Putting something out there isn't easy. People won't get it, and that's okay, but those that do get it will love you forever and ever.

The End.

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