An ancient chat with Denola

I like us now. I write fairly regularly and you're coming back slowly. I haven't quite fixed the blog to maximise your readership yet, but as we Nigerians say, "I dey work on am?" My broken English too is a work in progress.

I've decided to bring all the work I've done home. So here's an interview of Denola Grey that I did last year, the day before he turned 24.

Before we get into it, I'll say a bit about him.

His wit is acerbic. His intolerance for stress is legendary. To be friends with him is to be treated to moments of brutal honesty. He is the only one that I trust to properly discuss the journey of my hairline as it trudges toward the centre of my head. I know it will get there some day. On the subject of my hairline, he has said the following.

"You're not that ugly, so I don't understand why your hairline is running away from your face."

"You should be glad that your hairline does the moonwalk better than you do."

I called him on Tuesday (that is yesterday, the day before his 24th birthday which is today) to see what he was up to.

Afam: Hey. How’s it going?

Denola: I’m good thanks. How are you?

Afam: I’m alright thanks. Are you free right now? Can you talk?

Denola: Yeah!

Afam: Are you driving?

Denola: No. I’m stationary.

Afam: So where are you right now?

Denola: I’m in Toyosi’s house, chilling. (Toyosi Faridah Kekere-Ekun. Awesome photographer. Long time friend and collaborator.)

Afam: You’ve seen a lot of her lately haven’t you?

Denola: How do you mean?

Afam: You were with her on Friday, you shot with her yesterday, and now it’s Tuesday.

Denola: That’s my personal bidness homie, but I love me some Toyosi.

Afam: Fair enough. Me too. How was the shoot on Monday?

Denola: It was good. It was meant to be with all of DRB Lasgidi, but it ended up only being me and TeeZee, and that was fun. I’m looking forward to seeing how it’ll turn out. I’m really excited about it.

Afam: It’s your birthday tomorrow. How’s that looking?

Denola: I’m pretty chilled actually. My friends, and family threw me a surprise party on Monday night, and I’m celebrating it on Saturday, so tomorrow’s just going to be a pretty normal day you know?

Afam: What’s happening on Saturday?

Denola: It’s going to be an ode to my college days and persona. So it’s going to be a fun filled American college party. Leave your inhibitions at the door and come have a good time.

Afam: Will there be a bouncy castle.

Denola: No.

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