A Submarine and a Roach: Mad Food: Fury Road

I never begin my day with the belief that I must be generous with my words. But after listening to the second episode of Submarine and A Roach, I must sing my compliments to the moon.

Our boys, TMT and Kojo are even more loose lipped than they were last time and the podcast is all the better for it. This week's episode is called, Mad Food: Fury Road. It's an awesome title for an episode, however, food is not my calling. Eating takes too long and planning a menu requires far too much thought for cooking to ever be a desirable activity. This is probably why my idea of a decent breakfast is 3 raw eggs, half a pint of lacto-free milk and 2 scoops of ice-cream.

As much as I dislike the fact that I have to eat, I did enjoy listening to them talk about it. I enjoyed it so much that I think that you will too.

So here's the second episode of Submarine and A Roach: Advancing the culture one podcast at a time. They're hosted by the Culture Custodian. I owe them an article.

Happy Days,

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